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Blogspot vs WordPress: Reasons Why Blogspot Is Better

Blogspot vs WordPress

Ready to blog! Which CMS should I use? Which one is better between WordPress and Blogger (Blogspot) site? WordPress provide free content management service that host your content via wordpress.com while Blogger also host you on blogspot.com equally for free.

No doubt about it, having those thoughts lingering and troubling your mind is very normal for the starters. And perhaps, everything will be analyse in this post favouring the Blogspot websites.

We earlier treat you to some reasons why a WordPress website worth placing on the card. Fine, WordPress allow custom domain while Blogger or Blogspot does as much too. That is instead of the default myblog.wordpress.com and traditional myblog.blogspot.com, you can have a custom domain with myblog.com or with any TLD/cTLD of your choice such as .net, .mobi, .top, .website, .com.ng, .ng, .news, and so on.

Back then when I was still young in the making (in the blogosphere), I had so many contemplation on which CMS I should opt in for. Frankly, just because of the size of my pocket I opted in for low or virtually freemium packages which had a great impact on the success of the blog then.

As a beginner, have it behind your mind that free e-services do hurt your progress in blogosphere, merely 1 of 100% people made it using everything free for their blog. Though, that’s not where @TopifyNG is going today. We earlier have a post highlighting some habits that may hinder you from becoming a good successful blogger, you can read it 10 Habits of an Unsuccessful Blogger here.

Back to the business of the day, free things are not quite advisable sometimes when a premium or paid service is available for such service but I the case of Blogspot site, you are definitely covered in as much it is virtually for blogging.

Its quiet arduous to conclude in this sort of topic as there are different opinions from different perspective. And perhaps to critically discuss this, one should have used both WordPress and Blogspot and define their features. One which we’ve observed for years now. However, this post focuses on the top reason why you should choose Blogspot over WordPress. Without wasting much of time, below are exceptional points to backing your choice of Blogspot site over WordPress’s:

Why Blogspot over WordPress?

Few Minutes Blog

Few minutes blog? Yes, I mean start blogging in a jiffy. It is only on Blogger / Blogspot you will create blog in a minute, post the next minute and you are good to go without touching anything else from initial one-two click setup. Unlike WordPress, copying data, jampacked options and bogus dashboard, etc Blogspot seems so easy for fresh bloggers. Instant blogging, my dear, isn’t that nice?

Amateur-Professional Platform

To start with, Blogger/Blogspot provides a platform that anyone can handle without previous knowledge about coding. Blogger is written in an XML format while WordPress uses PHP files (which is an higher language other than XML). With Blogger, as an amateur or beginner, you may not touch it’s HTML codes and you are good to go. Unlike Blogger/Blogspot, you may never be satisfied on your WordPress and even a self-host, you always have one or two areas of the blog to blend. Dealing with the PHP and HTML codes might be an headache for starters but with Blogger, your are treated to a more simple web language that gives whatever you may admire on WordPress.

Simple and Flexible

Yet again, considering any setup you may wish to make yourself, “all things Blogger” are so simple and flexible. Blogger dashboard is very simple as well and very easy to navigate unlike WordPress’ s. Blogger hosts you, setting custom domain and other data are very much as simple as anything. What a whole lot of hosting companies may do for you paying some cool dollars with “them service”. Pointing a custom domain to Blogger is very easy, just a one time verification, and done forever. Templates are quiet easy to setup in just few clicks, easy and real time backup of content and design, to name a few. With this and some others, you can affirm it that Blogspot is better than WordPress.

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Quick and lightweight gadget

“WordPressers” call it widget, anyway, “Blogger users / Blogspotters” know it as gadget. Believe me, Blogger has the lightest gadget on course for you. Add gadgets with a click, so easy and stress free. There are a lot of gadgets available on Blogger / Blogspot playform, for example: the more sort after Google Adsense gadget, Contact form, poll gadget, Popular Post, Google Plus badge, Clock, Gallery Image, HTML/Javascript gadget to add html or scripts quick and easily etc

Quick Adsense Approval

With a Google Blfaster site, Google Adsense Approval is rapid and faster compared to any platform including WordPress. That’s a fact not worthy of any lengthy words to explain. Most WordPressers may even create a Blogspot site, get approval in less than a month sometimes and use that approved account to place ad on their so called WordPress website. Even, if your account is not yet approved, you can link your Blogspot’s Adsense to another person’s (trusted partner or one of your editors or admins) already existing Adsense account.

Fast Google Indexing

Another area where Blogspotters has an edge over WordPressers is the fast Google Indexing. With Blogspot, Blogger.com automatically include your website for Indexing instantly [if you don’t set your site as private]. You will see something like ” Your Blog Topic – blogger ” in your search results, meaning that Indexing is prompted by Blogger Automated Indexing Suggestion to Google crawler. And you know the benefit of your website showing in Google search result? You don’t? You can also ask Google. Smiles!

One Blogger account, all Google products

That’s on a lighter mood anyway, now back to another reason why Blogspot is better than WordPress. With one Google Blogger account, you have access to all Google products. Your account are easily linked with each other, Google Plus, Google analytics, FeedBurner, Google Adsense, Google search console, every-every with one Google account, no stress. That is, enjoy other great services from google with just a single blogspot site [though with your mail], connect them together and let them all work great for your blog’s success. Implement Google analytics to analyse your traffic, Search Console to submit sitemap, target audience, let Google know about your website, and so much more.

No Limitations to Your Blogging

What more can I say about this, Google host it. No limitation to bandwidth or space, use, use and use till you get tired of using. Unlike WordPress, either self hosted or hosted on WordPress itself, you have one or two limitations in bandwidth or else you pay (yes pay) whooping doe for unlimited bandwidth and excuse me, it’s just for a period of time when you shall pay again. That’s not too Bad, anyway.

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Free SSL, Highly Secured!

What about that? It’s sound interesting or lackadaisical to you? Well as it stands, with new Google advance features on Blogspot, free SSL certificate for all Blogspot, and WordPress just roll that out too. Anyway, in the aspect of security, Blogspot is 95% secured of hacking. So far your email and data are private to you, you do not upload plugins like WordPress, my friend your are 95% or so covered of hacking. No malicious breaking-in to your database which is not the case on WordPress. No plugins, no injection! Blogspot promulgates.

No plugins, no downtime

Here this comes again, you have no plugins to install unlike WordPress, you will definitely not face any downtime on Blogspot. Though, plugins are install on WordPress website to further enhance its functionality. But be that as it may, there might be two plugins working against each other which might cause your website to go down or collapse totally. Meanwhile, the case is different with Blogspot/Blogger.

Easy customization

That just it, easy configuration and fast customisation. That’s only if you even want to touch anything on your blogger site. Choose different themes [known as Templates on Blogspot site] upon the only one you’ve chosen. You may not write any code even a colour code/hex code, all are made up for you, just choose the best theme of colour and other advance configuration you may wish to implement.

Freemium Templates

Just in addition to the aforementioned, premium templates are online, meanwhile these premium templates are often released for free but with the clause that you leave credit link to them which is normal under Creative Common law of licensing. Unlike WordPress, you will be choked with several threat of getting having a free version of premium templates known as themes. In the off chance that you prefer other themes other than the defaults, there are so many Blogspot themes out there online to Download for free on Blogspot Templates repositories.

Blogspot is Free forever

And before I put this article to sword, always remember that all these things we’ve being discussing for a while now is free for life. You can’t compare Blogspot website functions of about two years ago to one created this year, there is always a room for advancement till eternity. Google is working very hard to keep Blogspot site up to date in its functionality, with the new roll out features including the free SSL Certificate, Web search description input box for effective SEO, etc are just tip of the iceberg. You can always expect more.


Google is unarguably one of the world leading online and offline company presently. Google is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. Out of their various services is the Blogger.com project popularly regarded as Blogspot.

However, @TopifyNG hope you are able to understand one or two things in the course of this article. With functions-ladden Blogspot blog, we bet you might have the thought of employing Blogspot as your preferred CMS (at least).

Note: this topic is not aiming to deform the image of WordPress or to instigate any bad notion, it’s just for enlightenment and educational purposes. Individual opinion of the author is ingested to this post however. Meanwhile, read our other article on WordPress too here.