Flashmecash: How to Subscribe Gotv or Dstv Online

Flashmecash FCMB

Flashmecash FCMB – Pay Dstv or Gotv bills…Flasmecash FCMB get started article.

Multichoice inspired it, First City Monument Bank (FCMB) powered it. Rise and effectiveness of Flashmecash FCMB could be testified to by an existing customer.

Endless payment of Multichoice bills on the go, correction and help mate in time of error, Flashmecash FCMB is the solution.

Flashmecash FCMB Details

Flashmecash is a bill e-payment platform powered by First City Monument Bank (FCMB) to sort minor and reduce major worries of cable TV users if not totally but to a great extent.

Flashmecash was initially introduced by Multichoice to enable their customers enjoy an effective and hitch free user experience.

Flashmecash FCMB platform was erected to allow Multichoice users and subscribers to conveniently pay their bills using their Smartphones.

The FLASHMECASH FCMB payment method has not only made it easy to pay your DStv/GOtv bills but also provides quality offers on recharges for users.

In effect, activation of decoder is done in less than fifteen minutes.

Flashmecash has been in existence for quiet a long time now and the fact is, its positive reviews seems not to be fading at any cost.

Flashmecash, whats its mode operation and limitations?

Flashmecash features

With Flashmecash, Multichoice customers subscribing for services has the following privileges.

Flash me cash fcmb

With Flashmecash FCMB:

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  • Payment for any Multichoice products, be it DStv/GOtv bills are at ease. Fast and easy with a great user experience.
  • Via your smart phones, you have access to its services and functions anywhere at anytime.
  • Buy recharge cards while you can flash credit to any phone as well
  • …in short, with Flashmecash, wastage of time and energy is not an option.

    How to use Flashmecash

    Flashmecash primary objective and core function is to enable you pay your bills for Multichoice products, GoTV or DSTV.

    Flashme cash

    To use Flashmecash to pay bills simply follow the few steps below:

  • Goto Flashmecash FCMB official platform HERE
  • Hover and navigate to the Menu list and select your preferred or the type of transaction you wish to make i.e Dstv or Airtime.
  • Next on, Enter the account details and then click on submit
  • For confirmation and to proceed. You’ll be directed to a page where you will be asked to proceed or not. Click on proceed.
  • If you payment is successful, a reference number will be provided on top of the page.
  • Endeavour to copy the reference number.
  • Wait for about 20 minutes for your account to be activated.

    And you are good to go…

    But if unfortunately you experience any error aftermath…continue reading this article.

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    Flashmecash E16-Error? How to fix

    The Flashmecash platform is efficient, of course, it’s by no means perfect. But error are another means of understanding your decoder. *winks*

    There is this odd time you might encounter the E16 or E2 error after paying for DStv/GOtv subscription even if your decoder is ON in the time of subscription.

    Panic not, possible and effective solution is provided below.

    • Aim to clear the DStv error code ASAP. Simply visit Eazy Support
    • You’ll be directed to enter your smartcard number.
    • Enter your Smartcard number and click on the button “Fix error”
    • For GoTv users Send your “RC GOtv Smart-pin to 30333

    If the decoder doesn’t respond in 10 to 20 minutes, please report the Challenge to the closest GOtv or DStv office around you.

    Please note:

    Whenever you are paying for dstv or Gotv subscription ensure your decoder is put ON and you have healthy signal.

    If you are experiencing signal Challenge kindly contact you local installer to fix it for you and if it is your Gotv kindly perform Autoscan if your antenna is in good shape, if not adjust the antenna and make sure channel 99 is working then take it back to AM Yoruba before you pay.

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