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GTBank Cardless Withdrawal Code & Mobile Money App Guide

GTBank Cardless Withdrawal Code + Mobile Money App Steps

GTBank Cardless Withdrawal code and mobile money app solution. Learn GTBank Cardless Withdrawal steps, how to Withdraw Cash without ATM card with USSD code and the GTBank Mobile Money App.

Interestingly, GTBank Cardless Withdrawal policy or mobile banking code can be used for cashing out funds in any nearby ATM stand with no ATM card at hand. With just a dial of code, you will be able t withdraw money from your account so far you are with your registered phone number.

That is, with your mobile phone, internet enabled or not, you still enjoy Withdrawal without ATM card.

GTBank Cardless Withdrawal, what a sensational solution! The mobile phone has become a veritable tool in financial inclusion with the advent of mobile payment, m-banking, m-commerce and other implementation for financial transaction based on mobile telephony.

As a result, many or most financial institutions has adopt the implementation of SIM Tool Kit (STK), Short Message Services (SMS), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and more of the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) in this present age.

GTBank Cardless Withdrawal

GTBank Cardless Withdrawal is the m-banking solution adopted by GTBank to enable their customers have a cost-effective, faster customer service aid, more user friendly, handset agnostic and carry out cash withdrawal with no ATM card at hand.

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GTBank Cardless Withdrawal with the help of USSD m-banking technology is a GSM Network protocol to communicate with a service provider’s platform. With the trigger of strings, you will be able to Withdraw Cash without ATM card at any commercial bank.

The GTBank Cardless Withdrawal allows GTBank customers to withdraw cash with the aid of a mobile device, tablet or device with ability to dial and read from GSM network.

GTBank Cardless Withdrawal code adopted by GTBank is found to be an effective and efficient cash withdrawal gateway via USSD.

Easily withdraw funds with no card at hand.

How to Withdraw Cash without ATM card

  1. Dial *737# on the Phone number you registered with at your GTBank.
  2. Choose from the list of available services “Cardless Withdrawal”. You may not find Cardless Withdrawal option on the initial page, enter 8 for next page and choose “Cardless Withdrawal”
  3. To skip the above step, dial *737*3# and continue with the prompt pop ups
  4. Choose GT Rescue from the available two options
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  6. Enter the last four digits of your ATM card
  7. Choose the bank you wish to cash out from
  8. A fund access code will be sent to you immediately.
  9. Go to any nearby ATM, while on the default screen. Press any navigation key at the edge of the machine. Not the keypad labeled as numbers.
  10. Select Cardless Withdrawal on the ATM
  11. Enter the amount you previously request to withdraw
  12. Input the fund access code sent to you
  13. Your cash will dispense promptly if the ATM is loaded.
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GTBank Cardless Withdrawal code is *737*3#

GTBank Cardless Withdrawal on Mobile Money App

  1. To Enable cash-out from your account – ATM
    Log onto your account on the Mobile Money app. Or Select “My Account” on the SIM menu
  2. Initiate a cash out request from your phone
  3. Select Cash Out
  4. Then Select “From ATM”
  5. Type the amount you wish to withdraw and Enter your Account PIN
  6. You would get a message with a Fund Access Code (FAC) that would enable you cash out from an ATM.
  7. Visit any GTBank ATM
  8. Select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’
  9. Enter the amount, your Phone Number, the fund access Code (FAC) and your account PIN
  10. Your cash is dispensed