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How To Change FontStyle In WhatsApp Permanently (Status/Story/Chart)

How To Change FontStyle In WhatsApp Permanently (Status/Story/Chart) - Over One Billion People uses WhatsApp daily. Shocked? Indeed a shocking fact it is, and one user out of those 1 lakh crores is you. Needless to say, we humans are not habitual of doing/ seeing/ using one exact same thing daily. That is why over 55 employees of Whatsapp and more than twenty-five thousand employees of Facebook brings daily updates according to needs and latest changes of best possible user experience in front of you.

How To Change FontStyle In WhatsApp Permanently (Status/Story/Chart)

Even, the operating system of Whatsapp is so flexible that it allows it’s used to change the fonts according to themselves. But how? Here we’ve brought in front of you the complete and in-depth guide step by step on “How To Change FontStyle In WhatsApp Permanently (Status/Story/Chart)?”

STEP 1: Open WhatsApp on your Mobile Phone or Smartphone.

STEP 2: If not logged in, make sure to Login first.

STEP 3: Touch the screen where “Chat” is written. Probably in the upper midsection of the screen, keeping recently released Whatsapp updates in mind.

STEP 4: Now, under the Chat Section, click on the messages of that person to whom you’re willing to send messages to with different and unique font style.

Step 5: If in case you are willing to start a new chat, the option of changing and implementing the awesome fonts will be available in that as well.

Step 6: Now, start typing the message in the space of chat by bringing up your on-screen keyboard.
Step 7: Once you’ve successfully typed the message, now let’s learn how the fonts are changed.

Step 8: Now, in the first phase of learning, you will come to know that existing font can mainly be changed in three major formats and plus one. First three are - Bold [TOPIFYNG], Italic [TOPIFYNG] and Bold Italic [TOPIFYNG]. And the last one is by adding a strikethrough at the beginning and end of the message [~TOPIFYNG~].

Step 9: If you’re a computer programmer, it’s great. If not, you might have seen in the movies the font of programming or coding languages which is somewhat like this - TOPIFYNG.

Step 10: To send your message in this font style, what you can do is to put three apostrophes or this sign “` before and after the message.