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Download Xender for Android, iPhone & Windows

Xender app

Xender Download for Android, iPhone and Microsoft Phone here. Download latest Xender app (formerly Flash share), the best file transfer app. Get Xender and learn how to connect to PC

Xender is one of the best free app available presently. With Xender, it is no news about file transmission, sharing or local distribution of data of any form. The real deal around since and waxing stronger each time is Xender, which emerge as flash share.

Gone are the days sharing a big file over Bluetooth seems arduous and time consuming. But with the cameo of Xender the story is not the same.

Xender Description

Xender is an app developed for mobile supporting most operating systems (Android, iOS and perhaps Windows) for effective transmission of file within a short-range wireless network connection.

That is, Xender enables anyone having both app install on the respective devices can connect and transfer bigger size files in a jiffy.

Xender embraces standards for short-range wireless data transmission which actually tick all boxes for file sharing.

Xender is perhaps one of the very best free app around this day.

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Xender features

Xender is a productive app very useful for everyone not because of anything but its unending super features found in no other likely app.

Xender app

With Xender, you can:

  1. Connect to phones and PC
  2. Share small and bigger size files on the go
  3. Receive innumerable files with a few clicks
  4. No limitation in data size transmission
  5. Browse files by type, location and search
  6. Create a profile for recognition
  7. Super speed in file transferring
  8. Send the original apk Xender to friend via other means e.g Bluetooth or Hot Spot
  9. Import all data from your old phone to the new one
  10. Xender is totally free

Download Xender

Xender is available for several mobile platforms including the almighty Android, iPhone and Windows phone. You can easily Download Xender from your phone’s applications store or click below respective of your phone.

To enjoy these great features of Xender, you need to Download Xender for respective device now.

Xender for Android

Xender for iPhone

Xender for Microsoft

It is quiet advisable that you generally utilize the latest available version of Xender as the latest versions contain the most up to date highlights and bug fixes.

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How to connect Xender to PC

Xender App

You can connect Xender (Xender) to your PC with two options…

  • by connecting to your PC WiFi and start sharing…
  • Or

  • Via “create Hot Spot” on your device, Xender
    • Connect your PC to the name your Xender display for you
    • Open your preferred browser on your PC and enter the I.P address Xender displayed below
    • After that, you are good to go

    Follow the steps above to connect to your PC and transfer files at ease.

  • Bottom Line

    In this article you now are able to Download Xender and use the Xender App to connect to phones and PC and share large files.

    Now you have the link to Download Xender for android devices.

    In addition, you also can send the Xender raw app to your friend via Bluetooth or Hot Spot option on the Xender app. File sharing and transfer becomes so easy and fast with Xender for Android, iPhone and Windows phone.