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Nairaland Forum

Nairaland Forum live at is indeed Nigeria’s homepage of the internet. Get News on Nairaland Forum, Download Nairaland Forum App to your phone now. Nairaland Review, know what’s what about the Nigerian Forum.

This post about Nairaland forum will therefore highlight the followings:

  1. Nairaland Overview
  2. Nairaland Forum and how-to guide
  3. Nairaland operations and offers
  4. Who owns Nairaland
  5. content and news
  6. Nairaland income and advert policy
  7. Nairaland review and what’s what
  8. Nigerian Forums like

Nairaland Overview

Nairaland is the best and most visited forum in Nigeria providing all round news, gist, memes, what else? Think of anything worth search for or readable, it will definitely be found on

Nairaland is therefore a Nigerian forum, where millions of members gather to discuss random stuff, make new friends, make tweak about life, argue about nothing, laugh at dumb pictures, discuss serious issues and/or curse like sailors.

Nairaland forum is a place or an online discussion platforms that allows participants with common interests to exchange open messages benefiting others as a result.

Nairaland Forum boast of an unbelievable number of visitors and pageviews in millions daily from Nigeria and nations worldwide.

Nairaland is designed in a simplistic and classic manner; no bogus drop down menus; it is easy to navigate and more that really define a good user experience interface.

Nairaland as a Forum has moderators (“mod”) who are granted access to the posts and threads editing for all members for the purpose of moderating discussion (similar to arbitration ) and also keeping the forum clean (neutralizing spam and spambots etc.). Nairaland Forum moderators also answer users’ concerns about the Nairaland, general questions, as well as respond to specific complaints.

Nairaland Forum’s posts are categorised into several categories ranging from general random news to entertainment to whatever you would find great in an internet forum. Nairaland also run an advertisements program on its platform giving advertiser the advantage to put paid advert on the Forum.

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Nairaland Forum

Nairaland Forum is an hotspot for free and latest stuff online. Indeed, Nairaland Forum is Nigeria’s version of Reddit though not really focusing the same thread but perhaps, the Nigeria’s homepage of the internet.

An online forum just like Nairaland is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. Also, depending on the access level of a user on Nairaland Forum if not one of the moderators, a posted message might need to be approved by a moderator before it becomes visible on the Nairaland Forum homepage but that does not restrict it from publishing within the Nairaland website.

Furthermore, Nairaland Forum has its on format of tags within a post. In as much HTML code is disabled, Nairaland Forum users uses Bulletin Board Code (BBCode) when posting an article. BBCode usually consists of a tag, similar to HTML only instead of < and > the tag name is enclosed within square brackets (that is, [ and ] ). & Content

Nairaland Forum is run or accessible via where it houses millions of post/articles covering handful of topics and threads.

Landing on the homepage, you will find your visiting status either as a guest or logged in member; Nairaland stats as in numbers of articles and registered members on Nairaland; navigations to find out what’s trending and recent posts; navigate downward to view the day’s full and handpicked post suggestions to read; while Nairaland also list names of its members having birthdays on that particular day of your visit.

More so, On you can view articles as guest but you will not be permitted to post comment as a guest. threads are in three main categories namely: 1. Nairaland/General, 2. Entertainment and 3. Science & Technology while these categories is further splitted to the followings:

  1. Nairaland / General: Politics, Crime, Romance, Jobs/Vacancies, Career, Business, Investment, NYSC, Education, Autos, Car Talk, Properties, Health, Travel, Family, Culture, Religion, Food, Diaries, Nairaland Ads, Pets, Agriculture
  2. Entertainment Jokes Etc, TV/Movies, Music/Radio,Celebrities, Fashion, Events, Sports, Gaming, Forum Games, Literature
  3. Science/Technology: Programming, Webmasters, Computers, Phones, Art, Graphics & Video, Technology, Market
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Nairaland Ads & Income

Nairaland is believed to be utilizing self advertising on its platform. Unlike other website which make use of third party advert campaigns to make money, Nairaland has its own custom advert placement package for advertisers willing to utilised its page.

Meanwhile, Nairaland adverts packages and plan differs by category you wish your ad should show up.

Who Owns is owned by Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa, an Otta, Ogun State born, Obafemi Awolowo University drop out and a Nigerian internet entrepreneur. He founded and launched Nairaland in March 2005, which was projected as the biggest African forum by Forbes. 

Nairaland Review

Nairaland currently has over 1.9 million registered users, and is ranked among the most visited website in Nigeria (and the most visited indigenous site) according to .

Nairaland is of course the Nigerian homepage of the internet with it updates and articles. Despite commanding a whole lot of audience, Nairaland’s design still looks vintage and classic.

Nairaland is perhaps the only place you can be 24/7 and you will not miss any information going all around in Nigeria.

Nairaland reportedly has over 55 million Internet users, corresponding to 32.9% of the entire population. With Nairaland having a considerable but unconfirmed number of users based in diaspora, this statistic suggests that a maximum 3% of Nigerian Internet users are registered on Nairaland compared to Facebook’s 11 million Nigerian users which corresponds to approximately 20% of the Internet population.

Stay connected to Nigeria’s largest community Nairaland.

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