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Opera News

Download Opera News here. Opera News app brings you the latest on-point news and social media content. Opera News is a news app that features aggregated news content powered by Opera Software AS from popular websites. Download Opera News App here and receive special updates as it trends online with notification push.

Opera News is a news aggregator and digital newsstand service operated by Opera Soft launched in 2017. Opera News App service lets users select and personalize interest treating them to topical news feeds, receiving new issues and updates automatically.

Opera News

Opera News is a mobile app and news aggregator developed by Opera, for android users to surf and keep tab with recent happenings in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and and Ghana

Opera News users with Opera News app can read news articles and view videos with it, on random or personally based on publishers, websites and topics they select or as the Opera News App discern and recommend in the process of usage with the “For You” tab.

The Opera News App for Android is a news app which delivers the breaking and original news updates to your mobile phone. It is a news aggregation app which brings you unlimited local and international news tailored to your interests while saving you data and allowing for shares on social media.

Also, the Opera News app only provides the best News updates from multiple publishers with the high authority, and other sources with a good reputation. Saves you the embarrassment of providing false info during conversations.

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Download Opera News

Opera News categories include:

  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Football
  • Motoring
  • Crime
  • Politics
  • Crime
  • Business

Opera News App

Opera News highlights

Download Opera News app to enjoy unlimited local and international breaking news right to your palm.

Opera news app gets smarter as you read, selecting personalized content based on your interests and reading history.

Bookmark interesting articles to read them later. You can even read content saved to your reading list when you’re offline.

Meanwhile, with Opera News app you enjoy the following features:

  • High quality news feeds and updates
  • Live score and never miss a goal alert
  • Personalize and monitor latest trends as it happens on the web
  • Data saving, so worry less about data consumption
  • Trusted and reliable source of news
  • Save your favourite articles to read later.
  • Report any spammy or irrelevant article asap
  • Extend the trending news by sharing to top social media outlet with ease
  • Customize the recommended for you bar
  • Incredible user interface
  • Light memory consumption, no junk files
  • And much, much more

Opera News’s clean, headline-based interface makes it easy to scan through the latest news and find the articles you want to read. And so much interesting features packaged for you

Download Opera News app

Downloading the Opera News App is the best way to stay informed and improve your interest.

Download Opera News App to monitor the highest quality News updates and feeds from reliable sources and better acquaint yourself with this revolutionary technology which learns about your needs and keeps you one step ahead of the pack.

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Download Opera News App for Android

Opera News App rolls out new features often. It is quiet advisable that you generally use the latest available version of Opera News App as the latest versions contain the most up to date highlights and bug fixes.

Opera News App Review

Opera News app works by pulling in news stories from the web through various syndication feeds or from news publishing partners. It is likely news publisher could submit their content for inclusion in Opera News for users.

News as of the Opera News App is fetched from publisher’s websites through a specific web crawler bot. The bot fetches feeds, as well as web pages and images. Opera News has however received “thumb up” feedback for being excellent behaved and being fault tolerant; resulting to good VR support, save news, Google cast, sharing article and many more extraordinary functions.


Opera News App is a digital newsstand service. Feeding from its multiple reliable sources in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and and Ghana the Opera News App constantly updates you with the most recent stories bringing you up to speed as events and updates happen. Loaded with full fledge premium and uniques features. Why not Download Opera News app now and never miss the trend?

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