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Top 5 Postpartum Belly Wrap Products to Slim Your Waist

Top 5 Postpartum Belly Wrap Products to Slim Your Waist

Any woman who’s given birth knows about the “mama pooch” that more often than not remains. In the postpartum period, you feel like your belly has been destroyed. Even the skinniest mamas feel it. Flabby, soft and lacking any definition, your muscles seem to have been stretched beyond repair. Or have they? Get the support you need with a postpartum belly wrap and work towards getting your body back.

Postpartum belly wrap products are growing ever more popular, not just because they provide support, but also because they can help you regain your shape. Ready to pick one out? Whether you’re still expecting and planning for your postpartum period or you’ve already given birth, finding a belly wrap is quite the task. From built-in wraps to girdles and belly bands, there are a million ways to wrap your postpartum belly. This post will guide you through how postpartum belly wrap products work, which are the favorites and how to pick the right one for your needs.

The Postpartum Belly Wrap: What Does It Do?

Post pregnancy belly wrap products are popular because they make you look slimmer, even after just giving birth. However, postpartum belly wraps do more than hold in your flab. To fully understand, you must learn what happens to your body during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Your Belly

Pregnancy and Your BellyWhile you’re expecting, your body produces relaxin, estrogen and progesterone. These hormones encourage your uterus and abdominal muscles to grow and stretch, making room for the baby. As you make your way into the later stages of pregnancy, your abdominal muscles stretch more and more, often causing a separation between the left and right sides. Serious separation is known as diastasis recti. This separation and the stretching in general weakens your muscles, which may result in pain in your lower back. (1)

After birth, your muscles don’t contract and shrink back to their normal size right away. For many women, it takes 6 weeks or more to heal. In the meantime, it’s normal for the belly to feel soft and flabby. The pooch that many new mothers complain about is also a result of the flexible muscles. Your organs naturally push at the muscles, causing the pooch.

How Does a Post Baby Belly Wrap Help?

How Does a Post Baby Belly Wrap HelpResearchers affirm that a postpartum belly wrap can relieve pain and the strain on your weak abdominal muscles. The wrap helps transfer the weight to the spine and helps you maintain better posture. This support results in several positive outcomes including:

  • Reducing your waist size
  • Lessening the gap between your abdominal muscles (reducing diastasis recti)
  • Giving your muscles the chance to strengthen
  • Improving posture
  • Providing support while caring for baby (breastfeeding, leaning over to change diapers, etc.)
  • Allowing you to use your pre-pregnancy clothes sooner (1)

These are amazing benefits that will help you through the difficult period of recovery after giving birth. With a postpartum belly wrap,  you look better and feel better, giving you confidence as you care for your newborn.

So, which one should you buy? In the next section, learn about the best postpartum belt products on the market.

The Best Postpartum Belly Wrap Products: 5 to Choose From

Don’t get overwhelmed by the many belly wraps out there! Take a look at our list so that you can choose from the best available products.

1. Post Belly Band by Paz Wean

Post Belly Band by Paz WeanThis simple postpartum belly band by Paz Wean does the job of supporting your belly and back during the first few months after giving birth. Made of soft cotton, this belly band is breathable and comfortable to wear all day. The material is soft enough to be comfortable even for C-section mamas.


  • Features 3 band closures that can be adjusted separately
  • Built in boning in the back area offers support for the spine
  • Elastic cotton material
  • Check the manufacturer’s sizing information to order the correct size
  • Low Price: $18.99-21.99 at the time this article was written

Who Makes It

Paz Wean is a company that sells a variety of girdles, belly bands and other shapewear products. The company itself doesn’t appear to have its own website, but their products can be found on websites such as Amazon, ebay and AliExpress. Given the positive reviews on these sites, the company produces quality wear that you can buy with confidence.

The Bottom Line

For a low-cost postpartum belly wrap, the Paz Wean belly band is a great choice. With plenty of positive reviews, users report that the band is comfortable and effective. With the 3 closures, you can adjust the fit to perfection, pulling in just the right amounts in your upper, middle and lower abdomen. In addition, the belly band is comfortable and breathable. While some report that you’ll need to adjust the fit throughout the day, this is understandable given the Velcro closures and price range of the band. For a soft belly band that won’t break your budget, try this model.

2. Women’s Latex Underbust Corset by Lover-Beauty

Women’s Latex Underbust Corset by Lover-BeautyThe number one Amazon bestseller for bustiers and corsets and number three for waist cinchers, this underbust corset is a great choice for a postpartum belly wrap.  With this comfortable wrap, you’ll get the support you need while helping you pull in that tummy. The hook and eye closures allow you to tighten the wrap as you lose weight over time.


  • Latex with 100% cotton lining (materials vary depending on the style and color you choose)
  • Some of the models/colors include a zipper as well as the hook and eye closures
  • Variety of colors available
  • Built in boning to support the spine
  • Low price: about $20 at the time this article was written (more or less depending on color and size)

Who Makes It

Lover-Beauty is a lingerie company offering a range of intimate items including shapewear and corsets in additional to other lingerie items. The company is Chinese, but is registered as a company in the USA and exports all around the world. They offer a wide range of products through Amazon, all of which show impressive ratings.

The Bottom Line

For an inexpensive, quality corset that will serve you throughout your postpartum period and beyond, try the Lover-Beauty postpartum belly wrap. It’s not made specifically as a post pregnancy belly wrap, but users do report that it works well for that purpose. Customers love the fact that it’s conspicuous, meaning it’s fairly easy to hide under clothing. Others even report that it’s helped them reduce their waist size! For about $20, it’s worth a shot!

3. Postpartum Corset by Bellefit

Postpartum Corset by BellefitThis postpartum belly wrap takes things to a whole new level with medical grade support and construction. The style of this corset covers the entire pelvis and includes a convenient groin flap with hooks so that you can use the bathroom without removing the corset completely. While pricier than other options, it offers impressive quality and support.


  • Comes in standard color
  • Medical grade materials and compression
  • Covers entire pelvis
  • Support for your back
  • Size chart available with recommendations for women who are currently pregnant
  • Reasonable price for quality: $108.75 at the time this article was written

Who Makes It

Bellefit is a company that specializes in making corsets, shapewear and other undergarments for women. The company is based in the USA and sells products on Amazon as well as their own website. Impressive reviews and progress from real women who used the Bellefit products postpartum are posted on their website, showing just how effective their products really are.

The Bottom Line

If you have a budget that will allow you to purchase this Bellefit postpartum belly wrap, go for it! The fact that it’s a medical grade product means it will provide improved compression and may offer better support for you than non medical grade products. The many reviews of this product show that it’s a favorite for women in the postpartum phase. Another advantage is that it covers your entire pelvis, meaning you’ll get additional protection for your incision if you had a c-section.

4. Women Waist Trainer by Gotoly

Women Waist Trainer by GotolyThis waist trainer or postpartum belly band is unique in that it features shoulder straps to stay in place. Available in two colors, this corset is made from breathable, comfortable fabrics. The product also comes with hook and eye closures so that you can make the band tighter as your belly slims down. It’s a favorite among Amazon customers and has reached the number 5 bestseller position for shapewear bodysuits and the number 6 position for shapewear tops.


  • Design includes shoulder straps
  • Supports the back
  • Comfortable materials
  • Low Cost: $27.99 at the time the article was written

Who Makes It

Gotoly is a company that sells men’s and women’s shapewear, including a number of waist cincher and trainer products. Based on their customer reviews, products are high quality, as most customers are highly satisfied with their purchase.

The Bottom Line

If you’re hoping for a great, slimming look for your entire upper body, this belly wrap is the best choice. The shoulder straps mean your upper abdomen and area below your arms are also held in tight by the wrap. It’s reasonably priced and customers report it works well.

5. 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap by Chongerfei

3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap by ChongerfeiThis product includes 3 separate belts that can be used separately or together to cover from your hips to your upper abdomen. The 3 separate belts means that you have great control over how tight the compression is in each area. According to Chongerfei, each belt is recommended for a certain amount of time postpartum. In addition to shaping your body, the belts offer great support for your back and abdominal muscles.


  • 3 separate belts that can be adjusted
  • Flexible system allows you to use the belt you need most
  • Low price: $19.98 at the time the article was written

Who Makes It

The brand Chongerfei is known for selling a range of support belts. There’s not a lot of information available about the company, but the few items sold on Amazon all have impressive reviews. The company’s products have also been reviewed positively on other websites.

The Bottom Line

The 3 belt system offers a bit more flexibility to decide where you want the support and compression. At the same time, the belts may feel a bit bulkier since there is some overlap. For the price, the Chongerfei 3 belt system is certainly a bargain. Reviews of the system are quite positive, suggesting it’s worth giving it a shot!

A Postpartum Belly Wrap Reviews: What Real Users Are Saying

What better way to evaluate a belly wrap than by hearing how it’s worked for other users? In these postpartum belly wrap reviews, you can learn each user’s favorite aspects of the belly wrap they used as well as any negative aspects of their experience.

Bellfit Postpartum Belly Wrap Review:

In this video, hear about how this mother of two improved her recovery time after giving birth to her second daughter. You’ll learn what tasks were made easier by using the belly wrap and how her postpartum experience was different when using a belly wrap vs. when not using one.


Amazon Postpartum Belly Wrap Reviews

Here’s what customers on Amazon have to say about belly wraps:


This reviewer used the Paz Wean post pregnancy belly wrap. Although the reviewer doesn’t call out names, she reports that she had used another belly wrap previous to the Paz Wean that was itchy and uncomfortable. After using the wrap for 8 days after giving birth, the user reports that her belly was once again flat. She also reports that the wrap doesn’t ride up or cause discomfort like many wraps do.


Shanda writes about her experience using the Chongerfei belly wraps. According to her review, she believes the belly bands helped her reduce her waist circumference and get the support she needed. However, she does mention that after 3 months of use, she stopped wearing the band because the Velcro started to curl at the end.


This customer bought the Gotoly postpartum waist trainer and found that it was a great choice. According to the review, she had bought quite a few different brands, but liked this one because it is breathable, but tight enough to do the job.

Real Review

A 2 time c-section mama, this reviewer used the Lover-Beauty belly fat wrap. She reports that the wrap worked well in helping her improve her posture and supporting her abdominal muscles. However, she did mention having a bit of trouble with the sizing recommendation, as it didn’t seem accurate.

Common Complaints in Postpartum Belly Wrap Reviews

The most common complaints that women have made about belly wraps are:

  • Too hot: the Paz Wean, Chongerfei
  • The lower edge rolls up: Gotoly, Chongerfei
  • Velcro is too weak: Paz Wean, Chongerfei
  • Generally uncomfortable: All brands except the Gotoly had customer complaints in the reviews that the products were uncomfortable. However, this is not unexpected given that a belly band wraps tightly around your midsection, which for most people is somewhat uncomfortable.

Taking Care of Your Postpartum Belly: Expert Tips

You’ve purchased your postpartum belly wrap and you’re ready to use it! You have plans to use the belly fat wrap to eliminate the flab and go straight to fab within months of giving birth. However, there’s more to regaining your pre pregnancy figure than slapping a wrap on.

What else should you know? Here are our expert tips on taking care of your postpartum belly:

  • Eat Well and Exercise: Diet and exercise are vital components of getting your body back. There’s no way you’ll make progress if you don’t combine the use of your belly wrap with a healthy diet and some gentle abdominal exercises. Remember, if you have separation of your abdominal muscles, you shouldn’t do crunches and typical ab workouts. For more advice on how to slim the belly after a c-section read our detailed article. Also, remember that if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need enough calories. So, don’t diet too hard while breastfeeding. Instead, focus on a clean diet full of whole grains, healthy fats and plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • Use the Wrap for 4-6 Weeks: Waist training in general can even come to harm you because it restricts your internal organs and can make you dependent on the support. Experts recommend that 4-6 weeks is the right amount of time to use a belly wrap during the postpartum period. During this time, the wrap will give you support, but you won’t weaken your muscles due to excessive use.
  • Get the Right Size: Weight loss can be quick after birth. As your belly slims, you may need to buy a smaller size so that your wrap is still effective.

The Bottom Line on Postpartum Belly Wraps

Now that you know all about postpartum belly wraps, how they work and some of the best available products, you’re ready to use one! When used correctly, a postpartum belly wrap offers the perfect support for recovering after giving birth. So pick out your favorite model or brand and use it as soon as you can after having your baby.

Do you have a favorite postpartum belly wrap? Tell us about it and your experience in the comments below.