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Ukanafun LGA Postal/Zip Codes (Akwa Ibom State)

Ukanafun LGA Postal/Zip Codes (Akwa Ibom State) in Nigeria. Get Ukanafun LGA Postal/Zip Codes (Akwa Ibom State). Full List And Correct Zip Postal Code Digits.

Postal Codes In Nigeria Are Numeric, Consisting Of Six Digits. See all Ukanafun LGA Postal/Zip Codes (Akwa Ibom State) below:

Ukanafun local government area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, has 4 districts which all use different postal/zip codes.

Here are the postal/zip codes for Ukanafun:

Nothern Afaha

All the streets and locations within Northern Afaha use the same:

Location Postcode
Ikot Wkpankpe 533104
Ndot Ikot Akwa 533104
Ntak Afaha Ikot 533104
Nto Okon Ikot Enyiekop 533104
Nto Okon Ikot Okpo 533104
Nto Okon Ikot-Obio 533104
Abat 533104
Ikot Ndot 533104
ADAT IFANG 533105 533104
Ikot Udo 533104
Akwa 533104
Ikot Udo Iyak 533104
Ata Essien 533104
Ikot Udo Mbang 533104
Ata Essien Afaha-Ntak 533104
Ikot Udo Mbang-Afaha Obo 533104
Ekpe 533104
Ikot Uram 533104
Ikot Akpan Eyo 533104
Ikot Utiat 533104
Ikot Akpan Inyang 533104
Ikot Akpan-Ebo 533104
Ikot Antia 533104
Ikot Anuwo 533104
Ikot Arankere 533104
Ikot Ebok 533104
Ikot Edem Ewa 533104
Ikot Edung 533104
Ikot Ekpankpe 533104

Nothern Ukanafun

All the areas in Northern Ukanafun use the same:

Location Postcode
Afaha Ikot Akpa Idem 533102
Nkek Idim 533102
Afaha Ikot Akwa 533102
Nsekhe 533102
Afaha Ikot Inyang 533102
Ukanafun Ikot-Ekpat 533102
Afaha Obo Ata Essien 533102
Ukanafun-Edem 533102
Afaha Obo Ikot Uko 533102
Afaha Odon 533102
Idem 533102
Ikot Akpa Ntuen 533102
Ikot Anta Eneng-Obum 533102
Ikot Ide 533102
Ikot Obio Okpoho 533102
Ikot Obio-Owo 533102
Ikot Oku Usung 533102
Ikot Uko Annang 533102
Inyang 533102
Nkek Abak 533102

Southern Afaha

Areas within Southern Afaha use the same:

Location Postcode
Awat Waterside 533103
Ikot Obong 533103
Idung Nneke 533103
Ikot Oto-Iwuo 533103
Idung-Akpan Uko 533103
Ikot Owure 533103
Ikot Akai 533103
Ikot Udo-Ossiom 533103
Ikot Akpa Idem 533103
Odoro Ikot 533103
Ikot Akpan Afaha 533103
Usung Atiat 533103
Ikot Andem 533103
Ikot Awak 533103
Ikot Dappa 533103
Ikot Edong 533103
Ikot Effiong 533103
Ikot Essien 533103
Ikot Etim 533103
Ikot Ikang 533103
Ikot Ikpe 533103
Ikot Iwara 533103

Southern Ukanafun

All locations within Southern Ukanafun use the same:

Location Postcode
Ikot-Inyang Abia 533101
Nkek 533101
Idung Idem Udo 533101
Nyak Zba 533101
Idung Uko Udo 533101
Obon Odor 533101
Idung Urum Iso 533101
Okoyo 533101
Ikot Akpa Nkuk 533101
Ikot Akpan Eyara 533101
Ikot Enang 533101
Ikot Ibekwe 533101
Ikot Iyang Udo 1 533101
Ikot Iyang Udo 11 533101
Ikot Odiong 533101
Ikot Udo Abia 533101
Ikot Uko Obobo 533101
Ikot Ukpong 533101
Ikot Una 533101
Edem Idim 533101
Idung Eka Uyo 533101

Postal codes in Nigeria are made up of six numeric digits, the first digit is the regional code with the last three digits representing the delivery location mostly a post office or an urban area.

That's all Ukanafun LGA Postal/Zip Codes (Akwa Ibom State)