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Dammy Krane is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and recording artiste with a handful of awards and recognition to his name. He’s also a huge brand influencer.

Dammy Krane boasts of many successful music tracks since he kickstarted his official music career.

Dammy Krane is known in Nigeria due to his rhythmic and stylistic music, memorable songs and active social media. He remain one of the most followed Nigerian artiste across major social media platforms.

Dammy Krane is however, no stranger to hip-hop music fan base across the world too, touring and having concerts mostly through Europe and Africa.

Dammy Krane had maintained his cadre as Nigeria’s most popular and richest musician in the run of successful music career.

With the crazy number of views on YouTube, a lots of endorsement deals and social media presence, Dammy Krane is indeed a star.

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