Vault app

Vault app is a great way to encrypt and secure your files and data from intruders. Get vault app for android and iPhone here. Download top vault applications for android and iPhone.

There are some cool android and iPhone vault apps. These are apps will secure your contacts, messages, apps, photos and videos with a password – something that the stock photo or videos app can't do. In the event that you never again need your own photos to stay helpless against gatecrashers or prying eyes, experiment with these vault apps to obstruct the unapproved get to.

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Vault app

Vault app is an encrypted digital archive application. Vault is a productive app used to conceal information and data by means of a code or cipher.

Vault app is the best medium to protect and hide your private photos, contacts, SMS & videos. Most Vault apps prevent your files from general access.

Vault app for Android

Download Vault app to your android phone right away. Hide your photos and videos with digital security archive. Click the link below and your Download starts in a jiffy...

  • Download Vault app for android device
  • Download Gallery Vault
  • Download Private Photo
  • Download Calculator Vault
  • Download KeepSafe
  • Vault app for iPhone

    Download Vault app to your iPhone right away. We've gotten some cool vault and vault-like app for iPhone users too.

    Keep your files at bay to unwanted access. Click the link below and your vault app Download starts in a jiffy...

  • Download Vault Hide Photos and Videos
  • Download Secret Photo Album Vault
  • Download Photo Safe Vault
  • Download Private Photo Vault
  • Download Lock Photos
  • With Vault app, you can catch the photo of any individual who tries to get to your hidden files. Henceforth, you can without much of a stretch discover the individual who is attempting to encroach your privacy.

    Vault app disguises itself as a camera app, nobody will have the capacity to discover that it has put away the greater part of your vital shots inside. It enables you to hide your recently taken photos consequently. With the savvy photo administration include, you can keep your pictures sorted out and effectively open.

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