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BBNaija: Days After Esther Made Him Cry, See What Frodd Was Seen Planning For Her

Approaching someone you have a crush on takes a lot of courage, and it can be painful if that person rejects you. Many people consider a crush’s rejection on par with heartbreak, as though the relationship were already happening. What’s important is how you handle that rejection, and move on from that situation. Learning how to get over a crush who has rejected you can help you pick up the pieces of your love life and move on to new and better situations. Like Frodd in the 2019 Big Brother Naija reality show.

Frodd’s heart has had an overwhelming week in Biggie’s House, the week started at tatashe and has risen to atarodo hot. Through it all, his heart keeps beating for his queen, Esther.

Recall that Esther and Frodd had had a talk recently where he poured out his heart to her. Her response didn’t sit well with him (she rejected him) and after letting him know that he wasn’t interested in a relationship, he couldn’t control himself as he burst into tears. It was very heartbreaking to watch. After re-living the tears, in order to cement her position, Frodd’s heart continued to beat for Esther.

Reeling from four rejections, Frodd went to calm his nerves with a cigarette and while venting with Ike and Jackye about Esther’s long list of rejections, his unbreakable heart came to the conclusion that it still beats for Esther, the queen of his heart. He is still pining after her after all she had done to kill the vibes he was feeling for her and has decided to keep shooing his shot.

Some BBNaija lovers, however, have different thoughts on the love debacle between Food and Esther. Here are some comments gathered:


“Not a fool here o…but my mind be telling me this love for Esther from Mr Froddulent is legit…guy literally not giving up soon.”

“It’s just so unfair the way Frodd has been treated this week. First is Tacha now bitter Esther making him feel so weak. Because he is so emotional about her.. surely Frodd will heal and when he does, he will surely pepper dem well back.”

“Esther was like “What’s wrong with this one like this”. Local girl couldn’t say anything.”

“How can this strong guy allow this bae curve am? You saw the handwriting on the wall yet you allowed it come to pass! Tueh

“Wow. I find this guy really sweet and attractive.. A guy that can actually express his feelings this well?. Omg I’m still smiling.. I’m weird I know.”

“So Esther took food to Frodd outside and went in to cuddle with Nelson. And Gedoni wants to advice Frodd not to fall for her tricks. I’m happy the housemates are aware of the evil game Esther is playing.”

“Listening to Frodd and I kinda feel there’s something broken inside him..It seems he’s been through a lot,coming to this show is some sort of an escape for him only to be demoralized by Ebuka’s exposure plus Esther’s constant mean streak towards him .”

“See Esther talking to Frodd. If you won’t agree for him stop talking to him completely. Pick a side and stop confusing thunder lol.”

Do you think Frodd stands a chance to win Esther’s heart eventually?