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BBNaija: How Joeboy’s Love Track Reconciled Gedoni And Khafi On The Dance Floor (Video)

It looks like BBNaija lovebirds, Khafi and Gedoni have found a way to mend their differences at the Saturday Night Party.

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Recall that the couple haven’t been on talking terms for a while after Khafi realised that her concentration on the game had dwindled due to her focus on the relationship with Gedoni. Well, during the Saturday Night Party with DJ Neptune on the wheels of steel, Gedoni had made his way to her and was rocking her while Joeboy’s love track was playing.

Fans were not happy at Gedoni’s attempt to weave his way back into Khafi’s life after everything that had happened and they made sure to voice it out on Twitter. Here are some comments gathered:

The truth is, Khafi‘s love was the only thing that made Gedoni look special. Strip him off that love and he looks like a helpless stray dog.”

Khafi is not all over Gedoni tonight and I feel like giving her a big hug. She’s really unbothered. He can go and grind on Venisha or whoever for all she cares.”

When a woman loves you so much and you take it for granted. The day she decides to stop loving you nothing on earth can stop her. This is the case of Khafi and Gedoni. Even after Gedoni went to dance with her 3 times now, Khafi wasn’t having any of it.”