BBNaija: ‘Khafi Needs To Sue This Station’ – Nigerians Blow Hot After UK Police Sack Her For Going On Show

Things are not going so well for Khafi, one of the housemates in the Big Brother Naija house as she has been caught in the middle of her alleged relationship with Gedoni and her job as a police officer in the UK. Nigerians are blowing hot as they fight because of her.

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According to reports, Khafi faces possible sack from her job after her boss found out she has allegedly been having steamy romps with her lover, Gedoni on live TV. It went so far that she was featured on the cover of The Sun UK newspaper as well as discussed on Sky News, to the point they even talked about her being pregnant.

Nigerians on Twitter didn’t take it lightly as they bashed the international bodies for shaming her and calling her out without proper investigations into the matter. They also called on the appropriate bodies to look into the situation which could go out of hand to tarnish her image when she eventually comes out of the house. Here are some comments gathered:

Khafi needs to sue this station for defamation of character when she gets out!!! I can’t believe this black lady just spewing false news this is unacceptable!! Please who knows this lady’s handle? Let’s deal with her.”

Big Brother Khafi headlines Sun newspaper in the UK but for all the wrong reasons. She definitely facing a disciplinary committee once she back in the UK. It looks like she didn’t get any permission from the Met police.”

So Khafi faces all the repercussions of having sexx like she did it alone. Slut shamed and now on the verge of losing her job. I f#king hate society. Women always take the fall. I’m so sad for her right now.”

This news about Khafi will really spoil her game. Please, what we can do for her is to continue voting so she doesn’t leave on Sunday cos this will be too much for her to handle alone. Vote Khafi via sms, website and app.”

My Dear Khafi, we support you all the way. Keep being unapologetically you and the world will adjust. You don’t deserve the hate you are getting but the love you express will always overcome it. Now you are up for eviction but this too shall pass.”