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BBNaija: ‘Pepper Dem’ Housemates Thrilled And Excited As Kaffy ‘The Dance Queen’ Pays Them Unexpected Visit - VIDEO

The BBNaija ‘Pepper Dem’ housemates had an unexpected visitor in the house this afternoon. Biggie made their day by inviting the Nigerian dance queen herself, Kaffy to pay them a visit, courtesy of MunchIt.

In a bid to know the housemates better and get more familiar with their names, Kaffy had them introduce themselves one after the other. When it got to Mercy’s turn, she didn’t fail to include ‘Lambo’ which has now become a part of her name. Lambo is a name given to her by Jeff, who was evicted last Sunday.

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Housemates were thrilled and excited by Kaffy’s visit. They all had so much fun as the famous dancer spent quality time with them. She entertained them with her remarkable dance moves as they cheered and had fun.

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While Kaffy was in the house with them, Biggie paired the housemates. Coincidentally, Mercy and Ike were paired together and Kaffy sure liked the duo. She commented on their relationship and said, “You look very cool together’.


She went on to advice them on their relationship and encouraged them in the best way she could. The dance queen obviously fell in love with the couple and is now a huge fan. She didn’t fail to express and reveal that.

All housemates, including Kaffy were looking bright in their yellow MunchIt T-shirts and the fun was endless.

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