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BBNaija: See How Angry Thelma Blasted Off Omashola’s Head For Entering Bathroom With Her (Video)

A fight broke after Saturday’s night party with BBNaija housemates and many fans are not comfortable with the way it panned out. What happened was that Omashola and Thelma got into it deep after the latter accused the former of entering into the bathroom while she was unclad.

All hell was let loose on Omashola by an angry Thelma who didn’t see a reason he’d join her in the bathroom while she was still [email protected]&d. In the video below, a visibly upset Thelma was seen being calmed down by fellow housemates while she continued shouting at Omashola.

Fans expressed their dissatisfaction at how the fight escalated as they blamed both parties. Here are some comments gathered:

“Thelma be shouting on top of her voice that Omashola opened the bathroom door What’s she actually hiding? Pimple [email protected]$t and the @$$ wey we don see finish for dance floor? Nonsense and Biggie.”

“Thelma was shouting even after the apology… T.F…. didn’t this housemates watch BigBrotherAfrica.”

“The fact that U WOMEN think Thelma’s reaction was extreme is the problem with the society. She reacted in the right way! Y’all give this men the go ahead to harass you, exploit you, look down on you and so on. You do that every time you encourage their bad behaviour.”

“Thelma is taking things too far not that Omashola even saw her [email protected]$$ self and Omashola even apologized. Remember when Big Brother was showing shower hour that year no housemates complained.”

“Thelma was in the bathroom for like 40 seconds and Omashola was screaming at her to come out. She didn’t do anything until Omashola opened the bathroom door and she lost her shit.”

“”Trying to open bathroom door when I’m in the bathroom”. BBNaija he didn’t even open it, he tried to open it. Thelma YOU’RE VERY MAD!! And Tacha thinks only the guys are drunk?”