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Bovi and wife prank his friends to test their loyalty ahead of 40th birthday (Video)

Nigerian comedian, Bovi join forces with his wife to prank his friends, a few days to his 40th birthday to test their loyalty.

Bovi shared a video of himself and his wife as they prank one of his friends called Mohammed to test his loyalty and you have to watch to see how he did.

In the video which was posted Thursday, September 19, 2019, on his official account, Bovi and his wife, Kris were seen together as they get ready to trick his friends.

Kris picks up her phone and called one of Bovi’s friends, Mohammed, to ask if Bovi was still with him because he told her that they had a match together and he was out with him. With Bovi beside her, she went on to say she had been calling his number but he was not picking up and so she decided to confirm from him if they were still together.

Mohammed who obviously wasn’t with Bovi, told her he was walking towards him and that he would call her back later. After they ended the call, the couple can be seen laughing non stop as they waited for his call on Bovi’s phone.

As predicted, his call came in on Bovi’s phone, almost immediately he hung up with Kris. Watch the video below to find out how it went. Bovi shared the video with caption;

I’m turning 40 next week.

So I’m testing my loyal friends in the ugliest way possible. Part 1 starring @etudaiye6 😂