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Davido Breaks New YouTube Record As ‘Blow My Mind’ Gathers 2 Million Views In 24 Hours

Just on Tuesday, we were celebrating Davido becoming the most viewed Nigerian artiste on YouTube and breaking the record for the fastest Nigerian video to reach 1 million views with his video for the Chris Brown-assisted hit, “Blow My Mind” in 11 hours, he has surprised us yet again. 

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Now, he has broken yet another record on the platform. The singer took to his Instagram page to announce to his fans and followers that he has amassed a whooping 2 million views on YouTube for the hit video in 24 hours, which was released on July 30. He was so excited for the major victory and

Since his global press run and his long-standing appearance on the Billboard charts, Davido’s fanbase has grown internationally. So, in addition to him being such a cherished name across Africa, Davido now boasts global recognition so, of course, his songs will perform a lot better. Having Chris Brown on the track obviously helps as well.

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With a huge influx of eyes from all over the world, it took roughly around 24 hours for the “Blow My Mind” music video to amass its first two million views, overtaking Wizkid’s “Fever” and “Come Closer” to become the fastest Nigerian music video to cross that milestone.

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Watch the record-breaking video for “Blow My Mind” below: