#ViralNow: See Davido’s Multimillion Naira House in Lekki (Photos)

We are almost certain that there is no one in Nigeria that has not heard about O.B.O. Even if you haven’t, you must have heard the phrase Omo Baba Olowo. When either of these names are mentioned, they are usually referring to one of Nigeria’s brightest stars – Davido. He is one of the biggest stars in the Nigerian music industry. People love to hear about his personal life and what plans he has for the future. But now let’s discover more about Davido’s lavish lifestyle. Davido is a happy owner of several exclusive houses in Nigeria and beyond.

In this write-up, we will talk about Davido house in Lekki. How posh is it and where is Davido living now?

Davido is not only a great singer and talented artist but also an entrepreneur. He is known to be one of the top wealthiest artistes in the country. He had so much success in show business that he was able to establish his own music record label (O.B.O). Now his net worth is growing and life is getting even more luxurious.

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Davido’s Big Money

“Omo Baba Olowo” is one name that Davido loves to call himself. It has a very interesting meaning. The name in Yoruba literally means a son of a rich man. We have no doubt that his family history determined this name. He actually came from a rich family. Despite this fact, the singer has been able to create his own success through hard work and talent.

What about Davido’s big money? His main source of profit, of course, is recording and releasing new songs. This is the most popular and profitable way of earning a living as a musician. In addition, he officially represents and supports many top brand products in Nigeria. N30,000,000 contract with MTN and contract with Guinness Nigeria put Davido as one of the wealthiest people in Nigeria.

Davido house in Lekki: posh as it can be

Davido Dream House: Lekki

An awesome life and expensive purchases are what Davido enjoys every day. Fans continue to her about his new expensive cars and the houses he loves to flaunt. Aside from the cars, houses are Davido’s second passion. The singer owns a big house in Atlanta, but Davido prefers not to speak about the cost of the mansion.

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A few years ago, Davido started to build one of the most high-priced houses in Nigeria. Located in Lekki, Lagos State, the house is close to Don Jazzy’s mansion. The price of the house is estimated to be more than N40,000,000. Recently, Davido eventually finished the construction of the house in Lekki. People wondered what his new house would look like.

Reports say that Davido spent a fortune on this forty million Naira property and we can clearly see that it’s an impressive mansion.

Lekki is perfect place for Davido to settle down or maybe not?

Nigerian big star Davido is no doubt an inspiration for those who want to live as luxurious a life as he has. His cars and houses will make your head spin, and Davido is not about to stop anytime soon.