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Dbanj New Baby: Suga Belly explains her intentions for making the ‘insensitive post’

Social media user, Suga Belly who was put on blast for an ‘insensitive’ post she made on the arrival of Dbanj and his wife’s son has now explained why she made the post.

Suga Belly took to thesame platform where she was blasted for her post to explain to followers, stating she meant no harm to Dbanj and his family, instead she was happy for him.

She wrote;

I said what I said regarding Dbanj’s and his new child out of empathy for what happened to him before.

There are a lot of people here who believe mentioning death on a happy day is unlucky /insensitive which is probably why so many people felt I was trying to rub it in

I wasn’t

I don’t believe in pretending something didn’t happen especially when it’s preventable.

I believe in practical solutions.

Like I said before, I’m thrilled for Dbanj and his wife, and because all children face dangers growing up, I have always stressed the importance of swimming

There are clearly a lot of people who believe what I said was said out of spite or some evil intention.

It wasn’t, so that is simply not true.

I posted the tweet out of love, empathy, and genuine concern.

If you don’t see that, it’s unfortunate because reality is not the case.

At the end of the day, childhood drowning disproportionately affects black children because many people neglect to introduce swimming early even in cases after a previous child has drowned

This is not my opinion, you are free to research it.

I wanted Dbanj to have peace of mind

Clearly many of you prioritize maintaining a happy atmosphere over mentioning anything that though painful could provide practical aid towards preventing a possible tragedy.

That said, it is wrong to claim I wanted to hurt them or be malicious because that is a lie.

I’ve seen so many disproportionate responses that it’s also clear that thousands of you have always disliked me and you have used this as a prime opportunity to say things about me you have been longing to say or even to make fun of me being raped like you have been longing to do

I don’t mock people, having experienced being constantly mocked myself.

And more importantly, I don’t harm or have ill thoughts towards people who have never done anything to me.

Why would I wish anything bad towards Dbanj, his wife and their new baby?

Their tragedy was awful.

So please.

If you hate me, that’s okay.

If you think I’m a vile person, no wahala.

But what you will not do, is use your own personal feelings about to me, to then extrapolate and spread the idea that I wanted to or tried to mock Dbanj and his family over their baby’s death.