Evangelist Princess Belemzy walks out on congregation after member asks for anointing to open her own church (Video)

Evangelist Princess Belemzy walked out on a congregation after a member asked her to pray for anointing to open her own church.

Evangelist Princess Belemzy of the Princess Belemzy Ministry was supposedly in spirit while all members of the church were on their knees as she asked them to come forward one after the other, stating their problems so she could pray for them.

The first woman that was given the microphone asked that she prays for her so she could stop using glasses to see. She asked her to place her hands on her feet as she prayed for her and said it is done.

The Texas, US-based evangelist asked that the next person takes the microphone and state her problem so she could be prayed for. Then the member told Evangelist Princess that she needs anointing so she could open her own church after her.

This infuriated the Evangelist who stated that this was not a problem, saying some members don’t listen to simple instructions. The cleric who had previously promised members that she was going to pray for them until she was tired, dropped her microphone and walked away from the podium.

Watch the video below.