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Huddah Monroe reveals how p*ssy and brain can change the status quo of a person

Kenyan socialite and Big Brother Africa reality star, Huddah Monroe has shared yet another controversial view on changing the status quo.

Huddah Monroe took to her social media page to share a sultry picture of herself with a caption telling fans the effect of pussy and brains and how it changes the status quo of a person.

She wrote;

Pussy opens the doors. Brains determine if you’ll stay in, have a sit at the table and change the status quo! From nothing to something!

See post below.

This is one out of several controversial opinions Huddah has shared. Just last month, she had spoken about Nigerian men and how she had constantly warned women dating Nigerian men because in her words, “

She had insisted that Nigerian men are majorly about money, they have no emotions and their major targets are independent women, that is why there are so many bastard kids left in Kenya by Nigerians. After also talking about Nigeria’s bad governance, she added that;

Not all Nigerians are bad. just 70%
Bad governance is part of the problem. All that knowledge no business. Most Nigerian men always have an agenda. Enjoy the moment but shine your eyes! Abeg!!!!! They’d do anything for money. They have no emotions. I love them regardless coz they are smart and I gain knowledge from them and their music. And good Loud if need be