#JudasTheRat: Vector responds to MI “TheViper,” drags Jesse Jagz – Nigerians react

Vector has dropped his response to MI “The Viper” diss in a track titled where he also dragged Jesse Jagz.

Judas The Rat was released by Vector only a few hours ago and Nigerians are reacting to his lyrics dissing MI, Jesse Jagz, DJ Lambo and more.

Vector released the song with a long description, it reads;


JUDAS – The betrayer

RAT – A rodent;
Also used to describe a double crosser,
a snitch,
a sneaky character or a smelly liar
e.g “I smell a rat”

“A man that don’t take care of his family can’t be rich”. – Jay Z
Rats betray their families.

JUDAS the Rat has lied to and double crossed his closest ones, the ones who trusted him like a brother. Judas has kissed and then sold out the brothers and sisters who loved, looked up to and trusted him for pieces of silver.
Judas the rat wants to be loved badly, but Judas cannot get love truthfully.

SNAKE – According to the Chinese zodiac, the snake is graceful, calm, composed and expressive. They can move forward according to the plan all the time with the spirit of grittiness.

Judas the rat will always be afraid of the big snake.

Ask for forgiveness from everyone you have betrayed, including your blood, and people who you claim to uplift so you can have peace JUDAS THE RAT.

The snake sticks to the plan, the plan is to live, while at it lift others. Ask the two out of the three in your team. I did it all for free, no contracts, and false PR promises I will never fulfil.
We rise by lifting others, not by using others to uplift ourselves to our peak and make them believe we are uplifting them only to dump them when they’ve outlived their usefulness to our selfish purpose in life.

You have nothing I want, you have no honour you have no code. No matter how successful you become in life, you will never be as successful as me Judas.

Cause I’m the one with Hennessy job you kept criticising and tweeting you want. I’m the one who won the “irrelevant” award category that got you whining and calling out award organisers. I’m the one that every artist I put in the spotlight you use for your politics music. I’m the one who’s 2hr freestyle milestone got you tweeting about “being better”. Success is contentment to me & you “Judas the rat” will never be contented no matter how many people you sell for pieces of gold & silver.
Repent and purge your heart of envy so it shall be well with you Judas. #PASTORSON


See reactions from Nigerians below..

MI Abaga claimed to be Vector’s Father.. Vector said ‘I’m sure everybody knows that my father is dead’. In other word, MI Abaga is a dead ass rapper?! #JudasTheRat – @yankeeplug_

To me, #JudasTheRat is not a diss track per se, he knows MI isn’t replying anymore, so what’s the point? it’s an end of discussion, a clear of doubt for his fans, a revelation and the truth. No beating around the bush. – @royzkingin

Vector didn’t play with words on #JudasTheRat he told a story and brought proof. He talked about his Ls and his mistakes and wasn’t subtle about it. #TheViper might be better because of the lyrical depth and false accusations laid down just to feel like the bigger person. – @royzkingin

M.I fans are so blind they can’t see the truth. But vector was so kind to bring walking stick. Y’all hearing another side of the truth and the lie becomes sweeter, Double standards. Guess that’s why Vector said: “Your dumb fans are dumb sha” #JudasTheRat #pastorson – @Kinglamar___

I remember when J Cole said “Like show me New York’s ladder, I climb it and set the bar so high that you gotta get Obama to force the air force to find it” MI set the bar so high with “The Viper” track, vector did a good job on #JudasTheRat but he just couldn’t reach the heights – @mrmanhere_

Someone said the beat in #JudasTheRat is “boring” MI gave you a hard beat to distract you. But vector gave you a “Soft” beat so you can listen the message! Think! – @ola_williams__

Just listened to Vector’s diss and all I can say is L for Lanre My gee was trying so hard to victimize himself and make us pity him as if it’s our fault MI makes bigger moves or is rated higher. Tbh MI doesn’t need to respond to this “cry for pity” abeg. – @Frank_LeanXV

Not going to lie Vector had some Sick Word Plays on this Diss track & Dragged Jesse Jagz thru the mud but MI’s “Viper” still takes it for me. Guess my expectations were too high but Vector should have Hit MI Harder IMO. MI 3 Vector 2 #JudasTheRat – @Zaddy_nomso

Those saying vector shouldn’t have gone for Jesse jagz,lambo,ice prince and all choc boys crew, don’t know what rap diss is. It’s either you go hard or you don’t go at all. VEC is teaching MI how to play the game. #ThepastorsSon #JudasTheRat – @MistaChika

Vector defined his own Success by saying a Successful Man is someone who knows himself but was insinuating Jesse Jagz isn’t Successful & did not make it. Did he find out Jesse Jagz definition of Success tho 🤷‍♂️ – @Zaddy_nomso

But some people are dumb sha, Vector never said Jesse Jagz was not good. He acknowledged the fact that Jesse J is a gift to his brother but MI didn’t utilize the gift well. But most of you didn’t even listen the track well.. you just want to tweet leamao #JudasTheRat – @tolutezzy_

In #JudasTheRat: ~Vector kept mentioning Jesse Jagz upandan. ~Saying MI supports rappers to make gain.(business not Charity org.)🤔 ~80% of time, he was explaining himself when no asked him. *Lanre please take your L in peace and let us rest. M.I has won this one!!! – @classicNedu