Khafi isn’t Giving Up on Driving Despite the accident she had

Big Brother Naija star Khafi has revealed that she got involved in a crash crash yesterday. She wrote on her Twitter that the whole ordeal got her shaken almost to the point of her giving up on driving.

The reality TV star won the car during her stay in the Big brother Nigeria 2019 house when she took part in the Innoson Car challenge. She added that she drove the car into a gutter and that it took three strong men to get the car out of the gutter. She wrote:

So I drove my car into a gutter yesterday. It took 3 men to help me lift the car out and I was really shaken by the whole thing. I almost said I’m never going to drive again. But then I remembered I’m a #GoalGetter, we don’t give up so easily!! 💪🏾 #KhafisGoalGetters

Its a long story to explain how it happened, I might do a storytime video on YouTube lol! But yes me and Lady Foxy are fine, thank you everyone who is asking!! Key lesson is you (or your car) might fall, but you gotta get back up again!! 🙈🙌🏾#KhafisGoalGetters

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