Lady Under Fire For Comparing Onyeka Onwenu To Fela

A lady, Maj, who self-identifies as a singer cum songwriter, has come under intense fire for  comparing female music icon, Onyeka Onwenu to the late afrobeats legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

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Maj had taken to twitter on Friday to allege that Fela was only more celebrated than Onyeka Onwenu because of misogyny.

Misogyny is a term used to describe dislike, contempt, or ingrained prejudice against women.

She was insinuating that people only celebrate Fela more than Onyeka Onwenu because of the societal prejudice against women.

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But social media commentators appeared to be far from impressed by her remark, as it was met with instant backlash.

One commentators wrote, “Fela made better music and had a better impact than Onyeka Onwenu. Not everything should be about sexes. Why are you guys overly sensitive”

Another one replied her, “Fela and Onyeka are not in the same class darling. He created his own unique style of music but Onyeka thrived in a style of music that was already established. Fela recorded many songs that went beyond the shores of Nigeria. His brand of music outlived him.”

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