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“Mama don open the secret o”- Reaction As Vetaran Actress Mama Rainbow strengthens dating speculations between Adedimeji Lateef and Mo Bimpe in new video

The relationship between Yoruba Nollywood actors, Adedimeji Lateef and Oyebade Adebimpe aka Mo Bimpe, had always raised speculations from fans because they could not figure out where they stood.

Well, veteran actress, Iya Rainbow, seems to have shed more light or even caused more confusion about what is going on between the two alleged lovebirds. Lateef clocked 35 on February 1 and Iya Rainbow shared a video of the celebrant on her Instagram page.

In the video, Iya Rainbow was seen with Lateef, Mo Bimpe and other guests as she greeted them. However, the interesting thing happened at the end of the video when Iya Rainbow looked at Mo Bimpe and started to call her by the actor’s last name, Lateef.

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Iya Rainbow looked at Mo and kept on saying Lateef! Lateef!, while the younger actress started to smile. There was no further explanation made about the video but it piqued the curiosity of fans more than ever.

See the video below: