Man recounts how he got his current job by talking to a lady on a train

A man has shared how a conversation he had with a woman in a train heading to Toronto helped him get the job he’s currently doing.

Celebrating one year of meeting the woman on a train, the social media user Chuma took to his social media page to recount how he was able to secure his current job after they shared a conversation.

LinkedIn reminded me today, so its time to share a story. I’ve never been one of those people who apply for jobs online and get them – maybe my resume skills are trash. But I got my current job by talking to the person I sat beside on a train to Toronto on this day one year ago.

We had been sitting together for 30 minutes probably, without talking. Then she pulls out a Gillian Flynn book, Sharp Objects. Now if you know me, you know I lovvvvve Gillian Flynn.

Of course I’d read it, so I said ‘that’s a great book’. And then we started talking about books, then switched to Flynn’s Gone Girl that we both had read. We compared the movie and the book – which is probably in my top 10 of favorite conversation topics.

After about an hour, she asks about what I do and I tell her. Then I talk about my design projects, my Kickstarter, and she says ‘hmmm, sounds like you need something else’.

Then she tells me about a friend of hers who she worked with 10 years ago but had recently hung out with who was hiring at a growing company.

Now, for context, she was taking a break from work having just left her job as director of CSR (after 5 years) at one of Canada’s leading banks. She was looking for new opportunities then herself.

But once she thought about this friend, and right there on the train, she adds me on LinkedIn and sends a message to me and her friend telling him how she knows I’m an intelligent person who’s looking for something new.

I had barely known this woman for two hours, and we had only talked about books we loved. She isn’t an engineer, but she recommended me just like that. Just like that.

The guy is the software VP as this company, he took a look at my profile and said he would pass it on to the hardware VP. And the rest of the story is history.

So, this thread is a shout out to Sue! Who’d never met me but talked to me and recommended me for a gig. Also, shout out to @thegillianflynn !

Also, if you’re looking for a job or a new opportunity, I wish you goodluck. And if you’re in customer electronics R&D, my team is hiring like crazy. We’re in stealth so DM me.