Marriage was built in a way it benefits men far more than women

A social media user has shared his believe on how marriage between a man and a woman was built to favour the men more.

He stated carefully his reason for concluding that men are better favoured in marriage that women in the post shared below.

Marriage betweeen a man and woman was built in a way that benefits men far more than women. This is well studied. If you’re a man marrying a woman, you need to be cognizant of this and make sure you *overcompensate* in order to make things as egalitarian as possible.

I emphasize overcompensating because there are aspects of relationships between men and women that far more often than not result in women doing more, because we live in a patriarchal and misogynistic society.

So you need to make sure you’re consciously doing more to compensate for the unseen things that she will most likely be doing.

And this is especially true in societies in which women also work outside of the home (so the past several decades in most Western societies).

And I refuse to have a dynamic that my parents, like a lot of late Baby Boomers, had. One in which both the man and woman work outside the house, but the woman still does most of the child rearing and cleaning at home.

I know somebody is eventually gonna assume I’m saying this with ulterior motives and ask something stupid like “did she pick you?” The answer is yes, she did. I’m married. Now go reflect on your inadequacies as a partner.