My machine just landed mehn!

A video is currently circulating online and it capture the moment a Nigerian mum was taking a ride in her newly acquired Tesla.

Her son shared a video of her on Twitter and she could be seen proudly announcing that her new whip which costs $90,000 (N35 million) just landed.

The mum had excitement and pride all over her eyes as she cruised in her saying;

According to the young man with Twitter handle @Sisso_quam, his mother told him and his siblings not to go near her as she test drives the car.

”Thats me in my machine…I’m cruising in my machine, my machine just landed today mehn!

”Thats moi, That’s my 90,000 dollars…in my machine the Tesla”

@Siss0_quam captioned the clip:

”My mum in a #Tesla she say make we no near am”

Watch the video below:

My mum in a #Tesla she say make we no near am

— Sisso (@Sisso_quam) January 14, 2021

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