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Nigerians Attack Tuface Idibia After Making Controversial Statement About Christianity (Photos)

It is no news that religion plays a big role in the lives of Nigerians but what happens when someone badmouths what you believe in? Some angry people are attacking legendary singer, Tuface Idibia online after the singer endorsed a provoking post criticising the Holy Bible.

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Recall that in the early hours of July 18, 2019, Ikhide Ikheloa, A Nigerian man who is a renowned literary critic and popularly known as Pa Ikhide, criticized Africans for still believing in the Bible and the ‘White man’s God’, attacking the Bible and jabbing Christianity. He said the Bible “is a great work of fiction and a tool of oppression created by feuding brothers to oppress women, children, and the vulnerable.”

Unpopular opinion: The bible is a great work of fiction, a tool of oppression created by feuding brothers to oppress…

Posted by Ikhide R Ikheloa on Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Following the controversy that surrounded the statement by Pa Ikhide, taking to his Instagram page, 2face shared a screenshot of the post and then wrote: “Africa Wake up#openyourmind #openyoureyes #ONELOVERELIGION Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.”

The legendary singer has since been receiving serious bashing over his post. Here are some comments gathered:

“iamdatbokiboi: Baba are you in support of this lopsided write up? Do you believe God exist? What does our religion teaches?”

“mrfeminem: In as much as I agree that religion has done more harm than goodto us as Africans, I don’t think that justifies bashing of “The holy bible”. We have all failed humanity and, on a lighter note, the next bible shall record this all. I plead the authors to be unbiased and authentic. Lol.”

“officialfocusnaija: Unless you are being insincere, every believer has this moment of doubt. I will be praying for you my brother. Just like the days of nfana ibaga, I pray God renews your strength. Peace.”

“unitedfc99: Baba don’t bring slave trade into this..you have a mind of your own..You don’t like their religion (Christianity) but you like their lifestyle? You have to hate everything about them and be 100% African..We have gone past this..Let’s not get it twisted.. Another angle to this…Why is every ‘anti-religion’ movement directed towards Christians? Why is no one condemning ISLAM or other religion.?? If them get mind let them talk rubbish about ISLAM..Nah because say Christians no get extremists??? Abi FEAR dey catch una??? Abeg if you want to be AGNOSTIC so be it..No dey carry us along. You are OYO.”

“rich___prince: Legend don’t post things like this, you are going to lose your fans.”

“banjihopes: This ain’t it chief. This ain’t it. Take this post down!”

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