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OAP tells married couples lacking sexual satisfaction to embrace open marriage

Nigerian On-Air-Personality and MC, B.J.B The Showman has advised married couples who are lacking sexual satisfaction in their marriages to embrace an open marriage.

OAP B.J.B The Showman took to his social media page to share how he believes an open marriage is the best solution for married couples who are lacking sexual satisfaction.

He wrote;

Sxxual satisfaction seems to be a big problem in most marriages. Look if your husband or wife isn’t giving you the desired sexual climax, y’all should come to an understanding of being in an open marriage. Save yourself headache of cheating without consent.

Sxxual satisfaction is not the only reason why open marriage is recommended for couples. There are a lot of other things outlined. And I have followed a study that suggests that, couples who practice this are less likely to separate or divorce.

He has received so many backlash from people after the tweet went viral. See some reactions below.

End time is really near how the hell do u expect me to give my husband consent to go and kpash another woman God abeg oo - omeh_gold

And this one too will make heaven? - blackisblackonblack

If you don’t understand the concept of faithfulness, loyalty, trust and commitment please desist from giving marriage counsel. Thank you! -placidbunny

Pls do not cheat on your partner. If your partner isn’t giving you enough pleasure, try sex toys. They have the male sex toys & female sex toys. They give mad orgasms. 😁 try one today & don’t die in silence - mzadapearl

In summary marry to come to an agreement to cheat. Why not just stay single and do whoever you want? Tiri gbosa for oga marriage therapist - somebodys_1stson

Satan has spoken!! Try to normalize and destroy God’s plan for holy matrimony…
And is sex everything in marriage ??? - eshezaautos

Rada rada, if your sexual urge is high simply find your match🤷‍♀️ - trendyrammy

Trash opinion… Trash talk - sammy_ndukwe

Then why marry?to satisfy the society?just don’t get married and be free than get married and want “open marriage”,bro how does it sound to u? - sleepkingmattress

Is marriage all about sex? The writer’s thought is myopic and skewed…. - kenzo_fullhouse

Please speak for yourself! What the hell is open marriage? Do what works for you, do what works for you…. That’s how we keep encouraging nonsense. If you’re not being sexually satisfied by your partner simply tell him or her that and both of you can work on your sex life and fine healthy ways to spice it up. Communication and comprehension is key! Not open marriage - lizzybanji