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Queen Elizabeth honours Nigerian man for breaking 102-year-old record in UK

Many Nigerians living abroad are doing their motherland proud by excelling in different facets of their new society and contributing to the development of their host country.

One of such Nigerians’ is Joel Ele-Ojo Adams who has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth II of England for his amazing contributions and research work that have come in handy for the British military.

Joel, had taken to his Facebook page and announced he will receive from the Queen of England one of the highly respected and prestigious honours in United Kingdom.

According to Niger Delta Connect, the young man is a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Niger Delta University, Bayelsa state.

He is the first non-British to be commissioned as an Aero-Systems Specialist Engineer to the rank of a Flying Officer in the British Air Force, since the formation of the British Air Force in 1918.

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Posting about the good news on his Facebook wall on Friday, February 5, the first class graduate wrote:

“My Sword of honor arrived this evening, in prep for next week! “By this time next week, I will be receiving of one of the most respected and highly prestigious honours in the land, awarded by Her Majesty, the Queen. This is humbling!

“I was emotional this evening as I reflect on my journey – the humble beginning, the sacrifices, the grace of God, and the accomplishments.

“It is not so much about the accomplishment as it is about where I’m coming from. Boy-o-boy, this barrack pikin has come very far o! Only those of my background will understand.

“Indeed, I have enjoyed the grace of God (which I always talk about). But also my journey can be, metaphorically, likened to a duck that floats on the waters seemingly effortlessly (…what we see), while she paddles like hell beneath the surface (…what we don’t see).

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”The past 12 months have been some of the most challenging, but yet most rewarding, times of my life. I made tough decisions! I was audacious to dare what people of my colour and background don’t!

”There were days I felt so alone, but somehow I kept going! There were times I got tired and questioned everything. “Why don’t you just settle and ‘enjoy life’?”, I often asked myself. Then I remember the purpose is bigger than me, and I persevered!

”So when you see/hear/read about this stride, I want you to know it’s not my achievement – it is ours!”

Following the completion of his Master’s degree program in Control Systems at the renowned Imperial College London, he kick-started his career at Ford Motors UK as the BOM Lead Project Analyst for Battery Electric Vehicles.