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"Stop sending me music or asking me to link you up with David" - Davido’s sister Sharon

Nigerian top notch singer, Davido’s sister, Sharon Adeleke has announced to up & coming music acts and others who fall into that category to stop sending her messages on social media as she isn’t in any way a music representative of Davido or his record label.

Sharon who is Davido’s elder sister and a businesswoman who owns a hair and accessories company; Ronawigs took to her Instagram page to make a video to address the issue which seems to have gotten on her nerves.

In the video, she says though she’s Davido’s sister, she doesn’t get involved in anything pertaining to the business side of his music and as such, she wants people to stop sending her messages about her linking them up with Davido.

She says if the messages persist, she would be left with no option than to block the senders.

She said,

“I am in a meeting but i just feel the need to say this real quick. I am not A&R for DMW. Do you understand? I don’t do music, i’m not a music person. stop sending me music, stop asking me to link you up with David, otherwise i’ll block you. Period!”

Watch the video below,