Suspected yahoo boys filmed spraying bundles of money into a river

A video has surfaced on social media showing the moment some young Nigerian men believed to be internet fraudsters, commonly called yahoo boys were seen spraying bundles of money into a river.

Nigerians on social media suspect the young men’s act to be fetish-related and a means to replenish their wealth.

In the video, the men, numbering four in total could be seen rinsing their faces with the filthy water.

Watch below:

Reacting, @officialbecks wrote: They are giving back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

@savagevoiceof9jayouth : I got nothing with the video but even Jesus said “give ceazar what belongs to ceazar and give God his” many Africans don’t and that’s why they are in abject poverty. Sacrifice is necessary to get to the next level.

@iamvictoria_richard: If ur wealth doesn’t come from GOD, the devil will always frustrate you.

@angelsvirginhair_: How is this ritual?? Nawa ooo. Just like you believe in Jesus Christ and go to church with offerings, others have their own traditional gods that they pay respect to. This isn’t ritual.

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