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Timi Dakolo and wife celebrate with their daughter as she turns 7

Timi and his wife, Busola are pictured below celebrating with their daughter who turned 7 years old yesterday July 14th.

Timi and Busola have been trending topics on social media ever since the latter called out the Senior Pastor of COZA for an alleged rape while she was still a teenager.

Watch video where CAN leaders pledge support for Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo after rape allegation

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth Zion Assembly (COZA) who has been mentioned in a string of rape allegations and sexcapades, has been lent a hand of support and something resembling a ringing endorsement from the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

Celebrity photographer, Busola Dakolo, had accused Fatoyinbo of sexually assaulting her twice in quick succession long before she clocked the nation’s age of consent.

Mrs Dakolo’s family was close friends with the pastor and the church when the incidents occurred, she said.

“No one ignores me. You should be happy that a man of God did this to you”, Dakolo would quote Fatoyinbo as saying after he allegedly raped her and left her scarred for decades.

In early July, another ex-COZA member accused the debonair and hip pastor of raping her.

“He had taken off my button and my zipper was down. And then he had one hand holding me back to the couch and another hand right up in my pant. I think at that point, I pretty much just knew what was about to happen,” this anonymous ex-COZA member had said.

Fatoyinbo has also been accused of using his position to sexually abuse a host of young, impressionable women, most of whom served as workers in his church at different times.

The video that has got Twitter talking

In a video posted online by Twitter user @Kingwole, Abuja representatives of CAN can be seen drumming their support for Fatoyinbo in his COZA church, as the audience applauded with every sentence.

“I assure you that we are with you and will continue to be with you. We are in support of the church, we are in support of your pastor, we stand by him and this church will continue to march forward. I declare that the gates of hell shall not prevail against this church”, the FCT CAN Chairman thundered from the raised platform.

CAN’s north central chairman would go on to say “we are with you in prayer. The lord will bring you out even stronger. Our pastor will continue to be the voice of God. We want you to know you are not alone. You have many brothers and sisters that are praying for you.”

At the height of recent rape allegations featuring Fatoyinbo’s name, CAN said it could not jump into conclusion, preferring instead to maintain an undignified silence.

The church in Nigeria has often been accused of protecting its own and shielding accused pastors from prosecution.