Transparent Truck Carrying “[email protected]*d” Girls Causes Commotion In Lagos (Video)

Wonders shall never cease to happen in Nigeria. Just when you thought you’d seen the craziest things in the society, there comes one worse off. A video is currently on social media that shows the moment a shocked woman in a car recorded a couple of girls dancing [email protected]&d on the street of Lagos.

In the video, the lady was seen lamenting as she zoomed in on the ladies who were dancing seductively in the back of the transparent truck at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos to a yet to be known destination. The truck even had a pole in the middle and the ladies latched onto it, whining their waists to the adulation of the men around. With Lagos traffic jam, it became a free for all to watchWatch the video below:

As son as the video was spotted on social media, different reactions started to emerge on it. While some had a good laugh over it, some felt it was indecent exposure especially if there had been kids around at the time. Here are some comments gathered:

“jnrpope: In this our own Lagos……..God for don ring the golden bell since but apparently a Nigerian stole the bell.”

“firstmale: This is bad for public… what of children seeing this. The world is not coming to an end oh. Civilization just entered Nigeria.”

“amaqueenn: This is prost!tut!on whether anyone likes it or not. and this is one of the reasons why men keep disrespecting ladies.”

“kunlereal: Not judging nobody, everyone with their choices, my only issue here is, kids might be around ! Public indecency is a No No..”

“truth_in_your_face_: I wish she said this is public nudity and kids can be exposed directly to it. Which is wrong, but the thinking part of her brain switched to the never dying cliché of “end times”. One of the most unintelligent things religiously brainwashed people say. She’s busy enjoying the show, capturing it on her phone and shouting the world is coming to an end. Na your own world go come to an end.”