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VIDEO Of Gedoni And Khafi Caught Kissing In BBNaija House Go Viral

The romance in the season four of the BBNaija reality show is rapidly heating up and housemates Khafi and Gedoni are currently in the lead.

Khafi and Gedoni’s relationship has given Nigerians something to talk about ever since it was noticed that the pair enjoyed hanging out with each other. With cuddles, hugs and tears shared, Nigerians have come to a conclusion that ‘Khadoni’ is here to stay.


Recall that Biggie punished the housemates by taking away their plates and buckets, and the housemates had to eat together on trays. While other housemates were hustling for food, Gedoni did something simply unexpected. He waited for his beau, Khafi to get ready before he started eating his food.



Recall that the Pepper Dem housemate, Khafi who’s been quite open about herself since she made her way into the Big Brother house, has just made another personal disclosure in a conversation she had recently.

The stunning Kareem Kafayat aka Khafi, who is a police officer opened up during an intense conversation with her love interest, Gedoni. Viewers were stunned when she said that she did not have sxx for eight years after she converted from Islam to Christianity at the age of 17. According to her, she found the whole thing quite crazy because she’s a very physical person and the fact that she was able to go celibate for such a long time was actually crazy for her.

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