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#ViralNow: “Fall Is Not The Song I Want People To Know Me For” - Davido

#ViralNow news pick: “Fall Is Not The Song I Want People To Know Me For” - Davido

Davido’s Fall seems to be doing way better than any song released with the way it’s spreading the afrobeat sounds to other continents and while everyone is shocked and excited for the artiste at the same time, with the song presently on its 107 Million views as at the time of this post, the artiste is also excited and surprised at how the song is doing.

Speaking in his recent interview in London with DJ Abass, Davido stated that he is very surprised to see Fall of all his songs doing this well because aside from the fact that he didn’t expect it, he also doesn’t want to be known internationally with Fall, but bet things never go the way they’re planned or intended sometimes.

Speaking about why he thinks Fall gained more grounds than IF, Davido said,

If is cool, but Fall… the thing about it is that they’re a lot of Spanish people in the states and it has that… Cristiano feel… and it’s very easy to sing, it’s like a lulaby”

When asked if that was expected, Davido replied with ;

No, I’m always like why is it Fall out of every song, like Fall is not even the song I want people to know me for, but in America, they play it on the radio for every like 20 minutes and it’s just moving on quick”

Fall has been raking all awards and topping charts from being the number one Shazamed song in New Yorkto being among top 25 songs on Billboard and then hitting over one hundred million views on Youtubemaking Davido the first Nigerian artiste to cross that number of views from just one song.