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#ViralNow: Lady drags & shame her deadbeat husband for doing giveaway on Instagram while his kids are hungry

A Nigerian woman took to Instagram total out her baby daddy for neglecting his three children and doing charity.
The lady, identified as Jordansmithng, has called out her deadbeat Husband “Massivelord” for doing Giveaway on Instagram while his 3 kids can’t afford three square meals.

She uploaded a couple of video and picture and exposed the nitty gritty of her husband’s misdemeanors.

She wrote,

Happy valentine in advance o,
Please tag the bearer @massivelord please follow him and his sponsor 😏
I have been tagged on this post by too many and one…
I am participating in this 5OK give away cos I think our kids need new school bags, new shoes, feeding allowance and more. I’d have reposted directly but I’ve been BLOCKED 😂 yinmu….
5 needs of a WOMAN IN MARRIAGE.
1. He should not be sleeping with my apprentice that’s underaged and buying her stuffs, taking her to our apartments and sleeping with her on same bed.
2. He should not be be sleeping with neighbors help under the staircase while I and the kids are upstairs and he will carry his dirty self to wanna stick that dirty crap in u..
3. He should not abandon me and the kids in the house and foolishly get other accommodation where he camps his girls. Running 2 or 3 homes at a time.
4. He should not go to my family to tell them ‘it’s because SHE was abused’. Abuse abi? and I had kids for him?, never for a day ignored his ####ual needs….he should have also mentioned the ####ual assault??
5. He should not have 13 ####ual partners I am aware of in less than 2years, he should take full care of his kids.
5 needs of a man
1. S£x
2. S£x
3. S£x
4. S£x
5. S£x
Mtshewww, if I hear pim! Please consider us Mr massive.. We need it at home right now.
Account details. Jordan Smith Nigeria 0088561524 diamond bank”.
She posted another photo, in which she tagged peak milk, called out her estranged husband again and told peak milk that if she doesn’t win the giveaway cash of 50k, she will drag the company mercilessly.

She wrote,

“Dear,@peak_milk, Good day to u.
..This the father of my 3 children
He should not be doing a giveaway on social media when he wont take FULL responsibility for his own children.
I just got back from a long trip driving to make ends meet because I am not a lazy woman!
I was notified by mutual friends about this giveaway…if we do not win this, I’ll drag u guys mercilessly.
You better meet your gentleman @massivelord to kindly send the giveaway #50k for the upkeep of his kids… Btw Sept 2018 and today. All we’ve gotten for upkeep is a half bag of rice and a carton of small noodles…plus the 40k added for the kids fees,
Everyday the kids eat 4 times.
1. From home
2. Lunch pack(with goodies)
3. Afternoon meal
4. Evening meal.
I spend about #2500 daily for the 3 of them. …on feeding alone
Dear @peak_milk @massivelord plus other home essentials, I spend btw 80-100k monthly.
I get support from my mom, @afriquechique siblings, my colleagues from biochemistry class in Unilag and friends.
I demand to have the giveaway for his kids…….
I work hard for my money.
I work @qtabyevents as a talent manager
I drive pertime on @taxify.ng when it gets really rough…”
Finally, the lady posted another video, saying the kids have been picked up by their father for the election holidays.

She wrote,

The kids have been picked up by their dad for election holidays…
I am grateful I spoke up and 99%of you are fully ready to step in.
I have 50percent hope here.
If you then try to manipulate my kids against me, or try to make me seem like a liar.. I’ve known you for 10years…that’s your skilll..I’ll tear u
Your audios and videos and voice notes are waiting..
Please speak up and get help, it’s not about winning or losing, its about the innocent kids..
By the way,I AM STILL A MAD WOMAN…JUST IN CASE..by the way, I still demand the #50k for their upkeep”.