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Wealthy people in Nigeria are a joke - Victor Asemota

Nigerian I.T Guru, Victor Asemota has shared his opinion about wealthy people in Nigeria.

Victor Asemota took to his social media page to share insights into the lives of wealthy people living in Nigeria and why they are a joke.

He wrote;

I love wealth and abundance but I don’t worship wealthy people, especially in Nigeria. They are a joke. They don’t understand what wealth and abundance mean. Ikoyi is a literal representation of their mentality. They all live in nice houses flanked by bad roads and smelly lagoons

True wealth and abundance can’t be hidden inside houses or protected by fences. It expresses itself as gratitude. It flows to all around. In Nigeria, we have a pissing contest of hedonists. People want to prove to others how much more they love themselves more than everyone else.

During my NYSC, I remember an Alhaji dude at Ikeja who had about 4 Molue buses bringing cash in daily. He fed all the poor people around him. Those poor people in turn cleaned the area and became his security. Politicians came to him because he had power. We don’t understand.

Rich Nigerians live in fear but truly wealthy Nigerians have even less money and they improve their community. They are not afraid of people in the communities they live in as they are loved. The Molue owner was a wealthy man. He was not as educated as others but he understood.

When I wrote this article below, I got a lot of pushback from “Lagosians” who felt insulted but didn’t get it. They have failed Lagos. We all failed Lagos. Festac is now a slum. Apapa can’t be spoken about. Ikoyi is sinking. We never really loved Lagos.

The only example of a person who loved and thrived in Lagos was the Ikeja Alhaji. He provided a service poor people needed and shared his wealth from that service with the same poor people to ensure his safety and security. Someone who built a chain of Bukas in Lagos cracked this

He decided to provide good food and a clean environment to people at transit points in densely populated areas. He also had a model where everyone in the business shared profits daily. He makes millions of dollars now and walks those streets. He doesn’t live in Ikoyi.

The way you live in Lagos is an indication of how you have made your money. True, there are bad people in Lagos. Very evil people who will take everything you have and don’t blink. We are the society we live in. Each time I read something about “Eko Atlantic”, I am annoyed.

We want to build another set of high rise buildings powered by generators when people are literally dying of hunger around. The rise in property prices in Lagos confounds me. I own no property in Lagos as I don’t believe that a place that contrived will know any lasting peace.

Wealth without power is just temporary riches. Wealth without social responsibility is suicide waiting to happen. That video showing the attack on the SUV in Lagos during the last riots still haunts me. Don’t expect me back in Lagos soon.