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When you marry someone for love and find they stopped loving you - Nigerians react

There are no manual to a perfect marriage and so it is believed that love and financial security is not all that is required to marry someone or have a happy marriage.

A social media user started a conversation on marriage and many Nigerians have reacted, sharing their opinion on marriage.

The post reads,

You can marry someone because they’re financially secure & still find a situation in a couple of years where they lose their money. You can also marry someone for love and find they stopped loving you after some time. There’s no formula. Only God’s mercy & grace.

See reactions gotten on the post below.

Marriage doesn’t follow ones whims strictly. Sometimes you marry the person not exactly your choice due to parental influence and she end up being the back bone of your life. Sometimes explicitly immoral girls get married easily while decent girls are struggling to get a man. - @bio_jibril

Marriage in this century have so much unjust malpractice. Time in memorial our parents where given out 2 marry by their parent & still the marriage flourish but now that we have d full justice to make our choice, that’s when we have high % of martial divorce and unfaithfulness. - @Dabobelemabo

Marry people u accept their demons & not their angels as dat’s d only tin guaranteed in life. God wont do 4 us dat we shud do 4 ourselves. Both people whose marriages are standing & those whose marriages crashed all had God’s grace & mercy, d difference is personal responsibility. Most times we set out lookin 4 people who are perfect 4 us forgetting dat perfection is a journey & not a destination, its not a finished good but a process 4 even us get angry with ourselves 4 making stupid decisions, if we aren’t yet perfect & lack full understanding of life & ourselves, how then do we expect som1 else 2 b perfect 4 us? How dare us expect a complete stranger 2 understand us completely? Like our boss will say ‘God’s grace & mercy’ is d excuse people give 4 their inadequacies. - @isagegroup

Both parties have to be intentional, responsible, selfless, dogged, broken & ready to make alot of sacrifices. Love is not enough, people do change; it’s amazing how someone we think we know turns to a complete stranger. - @bolux303

And the former can happen eternally and the latter eternally too. Just know what u want and weigh the consequences. - @themangerajake

Indeed only God’s mercy and grace. That’s why submitting to God’s guidance when planning to settle down is very important. If you are lucky you will find a financially stable person that will never stop loving you. 🙏🏻 - @don_rufy

Borrowing a leaf from @asqalanii, there’s no perfect relationship. “Sustainable Relationships” are built. So can we leave out God, Grace and Religion; and take responsibility for the things we should do ourselves? God won’t come down from heaven to build relationships for us - @rolly987

Patience is the key, in life nothing is permanent, at the end anything can happen - @BelloGwandu