Why Kenyans And Nigerians Are Fighting Dirty On Social Media Because Of Controversial Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo

Twitter wars are not uncommon between celebrities but when it involves thousands of people in two countries, you best know that it must be a serious issue.Controversial journalist, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo is right in the middle of this one as a series of inciting tweets from her has caused a major uproar on Twitter.

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The controversial journalist has triggered a huge Twitter war between Nigeria and Kenya after she said she was turning down an invitation to attend a Nairobi media event, ending today, because of the bombing in the Somalia capital of Mogadishu. The bombing which claimed six lives, she said, has made Nairobi unsafe for her.

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The woman who calls herself “The Great Investigative and Medical Journalist of Nigeria”, then went on to list five African cities that she tagged as most unsafe, with Nairobi top of the list, Maiduguri second, Cape Town third, Mali’s Bamako fourth and Tripoli fifth.

This isn’t the first time Kemi Olunloyo will be taking a jab at Kenyans. On July 25, 2019, in one instance, she had written: Kenyans are so full of pride because of their animal safari location mentality. A whole Beyonce trying to revive her career chose 5 Nigerian artists for #brownskingirls #LionKing track. Simba and Nala don’t know you. How market Victoria Kimani?”

In another tweet, she took a swipe at the governor of Nairobi City County, Mike Sonko for liking a comment someone had made, insulting her. She had written, “KENYA: Even Governor @MikeSonko of #Nairobi doesn’t think I should be verified. Caught him liking a comment. Kenyans Verification is only for NOTABLE people to prevent IMPERSONATION. It’s not for status symbolism or follower count. I’m verified for a reason almost 11 years. SMH.”

Kenyans were infuriated by not just her attack on their capital, but also on their safari and artistes who were snubbed by Beyonce in her latest album, Lion King: The Gift. Too many insults from the woman who calls her Twitter account Madam Kemi Omololu Olunloyo, Kenyans didn’t waste time in replying her.


Here are some replies some Kenyans gave to her for declaring their state unsafe:

People! this is not a #Kenya vs Nigeria war… Nigerians are our brothers and Sisters. ,I refuse to hate…the real war is against irresponsible journalism…and you madam have sunk really low ,using death to gain relevance.”

“Is the Boko Haram now destroyed in Nigeria or you are just seeking relevance on attacking another fellow African country that is facing a terror challenge,we all know even in Lagos you can be kidnapped and in Borno state there is no sign of life or progress at all.”

“When do you even breathe..you are always here writing nonsense.. go look for your chibok girls..you don’t even need a gun to scare away Boko Haram.”

“I’m sure you were typing this while your phone was at 2% and the generator was about to go off that’s why your thoughts are incoherent.”

“You’re trying too hard to get the title “controversial” to your name. Please call back your brothers who do wash wash around here. They stay indoors the whole day and come out at night like animals.”

Also, because of her inciting tweets, a war has been declared on Twitter and Nigerians and Kenyans are simultaneously taking jabs at each other. Here are some tweets gathered:

We hope this Twitter war between Nigerians and Kenyans will end soon for the sake of peace.