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Wizkid’s Ex, Tania Omotayo Shares Cute Photos Of Her 4-Month Old Baby In Designer Outfit

Moving on from a breakup can be really hard to do but when you eventually find true love and build your life together, it can help mend your broken heart. Life has been great for Tania Omotayo, who was once the major woman in the life of Nigerian super star, Wizkid. Tania who married her lover, a club owner known as Olasumbo, welcomed a child in March 2019 and is glad to watch her baby grow healthy and beautiful.

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The mother of one took to her Instagram page to share an adorable photo of her baby who is now a cute 4-month-old. Time has surely gone by fast and baby Sarai is growing really fast. The baby was dressed in designer outfits by Moschino and she looked really cute.

Surprising to most, Tania has moved on to become a successful business woman, a beautiful wife and a loving mother. Her life has remained private and she only shows the world what she wants it to see. She also shared a photo of herself with her husband and they looked so cute together.

Tania Omotayo is an half-Nigerian and half-Austrian beauty and a well-known personality in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Like many enterprising young women, she does not put her hustle in one basket. On one hand, she is a Senior Creative Analyst at the Temple Management Company (TMC), a leading talent management and events company. On the other, Tania is a model and an entrepreneur. She never stops moving forward  and we see that in her everyday life.