Watch the moment a woman poo-ed on the floor in a supermarket (Video)

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The owner of a supermarket has released a video footage showing the moment a woman poo-ed on the floor in his supermarket.

The woman walks down the food aisle in the supermarket wearing a short and top, goes down beside a refrigerator and poo-ed in one of the fastest way you could ever imagine.

According to the owner of the supermarket, someone took a dump in his store and so he decided to play back his CCTV footage to see who did it, when and how the person was able to. He was shocked to find the woman.

The woman who was wearing a short didn’t even pull off her short, she just did what she had to do by making a way through the left leg of her short. She passed a very loose stool on the supermarket floor, stood up like nothing happened and walked away.

Watch the video below.