What Is Cerberus In Greek Mythology

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In Greek mythology, Cerberus was the large, fierce, three-headed watchdog that served the god Hades. The creature guarded the doorway to Hades, the underworld and land of the lifeless.Cerberus was not born of mortal canines however was the offspring of the large Typhon and the monstrous Echidna, who was half girl and half snake. Although the eighth-century B.C.E. Greek poet Hesiod claimed that Cerberus had fifty heads, later descriptions of Cerberus are virtually at all times of a three-headed canine. In some accounts he possesses a serpent’s tail.

Cerberus allowed the newly deceased to enter the realm of the lifeless however permitted none of them to go away. Only just a few residing souls ever managed to sneak previous the creature: Orpheus, the grasp musician, lulled Cerberus to sleep by enjoying his lyeare. Heracles, the immensely sturdy hero and demigod, dragged Cerberus briefly to the land of the residing because the final of his Twelve Labors. In Roman mythology, the Trojan Prince Aeneas bribed Cerberus with a drugged honey cake.

Cerberus additionally appeared in Dante Alighieri’s fourteenth-century epic poem The Divine Comedy, within the part referred to as Inferno. The threeheaded canine is the guardian at Dante’s third circle of hell, the place he torments the gluttons. Portrayals of Cerberus have continued to the current day, within the tv sequence The Legendary Adventures of Hercules, which aired from 1995 to 1999, and the 2005 low-budget horror film Cerberus.