What is the Black School (Scandinavian and Scottish Myth)

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The Black School was a non-public college, mentioned
to have been run by the satan, the place college students have been taught sorcery and the so-called black arts.

In the days earlier than common literacy and public education, those that have been educated have been generally thought to be in league with darkish forces. This perception goes again not less than toancient Egypt, the place a scholarly son of Pharaoh Ramses II was thought to be a magician. In medieval Scandinavia and Scotland,
the linking of training with sorcery was mentioned to embrace the Black School. Following are two summarized variations of conventional Black School tales.

In medieval and Renaissance Scotland, it was believed that those that studied the black arts had to have made a compact with Satan. The black arts included all forms of magical information, together with good and dangerous practices, comparable to therapeutic, coping with herbs, and guarding in opposition to evil spirits. It was mentioned that those that realized such abilities studied in underground colleges that have been placed in Spain or Italy. It was additionally mentioned that a few of the college students realized such crafty and cleverness that they might outwit the satan.

On the final day of college, as the final phrase of the final lecture was spoken, the college students all fled by way of an extended, darkish hall, the place Satan waited to snatch the final one. If that final pupil cried to the satan, “There’s another one behind me!” Satan would see what he thought was one other pupil and seize at it, solely to find that it was the intelligent pupil’s shadow.
In Iceland, college students at the Black School studied all method of magical arts. Classes have been held someplace underground, in a darkish place the place the college students learn from books with fiery letters. They weren’t permitted to go away that darkish place for the size of their research, which lasted from five to seven years. One rule that each one the college students knew was that the proprietor of the college, the satan, would declare whichever pupil was final to go away the college.

There have been three Icelanders amongst the college students on this college, Saemundur the Learned, Okayálfur Arnason, and Hálfdán Eldjárnsson. Saemundur acknowledged that he could be the final to go away, and he threw a big mantle over himself, leaving the sleeves free and the fastenings free. As Saemundur began up the staircase to the higher world, the satan cried, “You are mine!” But as the satan grabbed Saemunder’s mantle, Saemunder slipped out of it, leaving the satan holding solely the mantle. Saemunder rushed up the stairs and out by way of the open door. In one other model of this story, it was Saemunder’s shadow that was taken, as in the Scottish story.