Zenith Bank Internet Banking - How To Get Started Online

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Zenith Bank Internet Banking

Zenith Bank Internet Banking is an Online banking solution provided for Zenith Bank customers, perhaps one of the real deal out there in finance sector.

With Zenith Bank Online banking, it is one other step further towards convenient and efficient financial transaction for Zenith bank customers.

The world is smart, and its occupant are smart equally...

Easily perform several transactions at your discretion and convenience.

The Zenith bank Internet banking solution is available to both Zenith bank’s Corporate and Individual account holders and with it, the zenith Bank account holder can perform several operations in fulfilment of bank's services.

What is Zenith Bank Internet Banking Service?

The Zenith bank internet banking service provides a 24/7 platform for zenith bank customers to carry out their banking activities in a convenient and secured way.

The Internet banking platform for zenith bank helps in reducing the stress associated with banking operations thereby increases productivity of the customers as well as the bank by using the best applicable practices.

Zenith Bank Internet Banking Features

Zenith Bank Internet Banking Form

As earlier mentioned, Zenith Bank online banking can be turn to in place of many banking operations that would normally be carried out locally in the banking hall.

Some of the features and one edge towards adoption is:

  • Ability to transfer funds and payment of bills.
  • Ability to check your account balance.
  • Checking and reviewing of bank account statement.
  • Viewing and opportunity to download transaction history and timeline.
  • Chance to monitor financial operation on your account
  • How to get started

    Interested customers of Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc. who wants this mobile internet banking services need to fill required form of application.

    Zenith Bank Online Banking

    This form can be gotten from any Zenith Bank branch nationwide or downloaded online HERE

    After submitting the carefully filled form, interested individual will be given a Zenith Bank Internet Banking Access code, a username, password and a Token (a piece of unique generated data, guarantee of authority or right; a sign of authenticity to your account) which must be kept secret.

    Mind you, the sum of N1500 will be demanded for the above Token.

    This money is just for the Token and the only money you would pay for the use of the online banking platform except of course the fund transfer charge when you transfer money to other banks.

    Then again, to activate your submitted details for Zenith Bank Internet Banking...

    ...follow the below steps to learn how to activate your Internet banking account with Zenith bank.

    Zenith Bank Internet Banking Activation Process

    To activate your proposed account for Zenith Bank Internet Banking:

    1. Visit the Zenith Bank secured internet banking portal and check out for a LOGIN form.
    2. In this LOGIN form or textarea, Enter the earlier given Access code, username and password provided to you by the bank and hit on LOGIN button.
    3. After logging in, you’re advised and required to change the password to a new one before you can do anything on your account.
    4. After changing it, you can now login using the Access code, your username and the new password.

    Alternatively, you can login using your account number and token code by ticking the token login check box at the top of the login area. You can only use the token login after changing your password.

    Now with that successfully done, you are good to go as Zenith Bank Internet Banking is concerned.

    What more to know?

    There are no charges, except for online fund transfer. Zenith to Zenith transfers incur no charges, Local Money Transfer (LMT) transfer fee is #210. A transfer from a Zenith account to other banks will incur NEFT or Interswitch charges depending on the switching platform used to make the transfer.

    You can transfer funds as many times as possible a day but there is a daily limit of #2 Million and the funds can be transferred to both local (Zenith and other banks) and foreign beneficiaries.


    With this article you now create a Zenith Bank Internet Banking account.

    In addition, check account balances, view statements, view and download transaction history for various accounts and transfer funds using Zenith Bank Online Banking service.

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